Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's Been a While

How difficult it is to think of exactly where to begin after being away for over a month. I have been able to keep up with some of you on facebook, so I know what's happening with you.

 Here are a few photos of my time in the US that I wanted to share. Unfortunately, one of my nephews suffered a bad motorcycle accident on Labor Day and he and his mother were unable to attend our annual family reunion. My sister Jackie and I spent 3 days in the city where he was in hospital. Thankfully he's at home now, but the recovery is ongoing for the family. It was hard for us to see both him and our sister in the hospital. I can only pray that we're all together for our next reunion.

We miss our sister and nephew and those who had to work and couldn't join us.

We went to see a play called 'Fly' which we enjoyed immensely. It was a tribute to the Afro American fighters of World War II. We saw it at the Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati. I was initially worried that it was an outdoor theatre on account of mosquitoes. It's not, of course. I didn't escape my visit without getting bitten even though I sometimes wore an anti-mosquito bracelet.

This is my sister and brother-in-law at the Bardwell Winery where we had dinner the last Friday I was there. It was the first time I'd had fried green beans.

Sisters or two of my sweet great-nieces. The elder of the two doesn't like posing for photos any more and was unaware that her photo was being taken. They're two polite little girls who always say thank you, but they're kids. The younger one loves Dora and Boots and the elder one wants what she sees on TV.

This last photo didn't turn out too good. This is Diana, named after one of our sisters because of the hair on her head. This is one of my brother-in-law's pet chickens. He's got two others like Diana only they're black. A neighbour's dog was trying to kill one of his roosters early one morning. Luckily their dogs woke them up and they were able to save the poor thing. He lost a lot of feathers though. Do roosters have the same number of lives as cats? This is the second time this particular rooster has been attacked. The other time a hawk was trying to carry him away.

When I returned, I was so looking forward to a few hours sleep (am still suffering from jetlag). It was not to be! There were workmen in front of my building and windows digging up the street. They had to help me and my suitcase across the ditch since a van was blocking the 'bridge' they'd put down so we could get into the building. That's the city for you! And this was some of my holiday. Nothing left to say except hope everyone has a good week.