My Fotos

Here are a few photos from our visits to museums in Cincinnati and Petersburg, Kentucky.In the fountain photos of ourselves outside Union Terminal in Cincinnati , we're waiting for a representative from our university to bring us some goodies - mints, pens, pins and even a backpack. There were lots of tables in the vestibule of the train station where the museum is located and, by chance, we happened to see that our university was one of those being represented. The university is in Eastern Kentucky and gets a lot of students from the Buckeye State. I don't have any photos of the animals at the Creation Museum. There weren't too many animals there, and, since it was a weekday, not a lot of people either. Construction is still going on, so there will soon be space for more animals. It started raining just before we were going out to walk around the botanical garden. The staff at the museum was nice enough to let us take umbrellas. Luckily, it soon stopped because the umbrellas were big enough for at least four people, and one of them had the name of the hospital where my sister works. Big umbreallas and a small world!

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