Sunday, 10 February 2013

Disco Daze

This is another old photo. As a matter of fact, it's from the first year I lived in Spain. All six of us lived together in a 3-bedroom flat in a street that hadn't been paved yet. I think the years have changed the colour of my hair in the photo, because it looks reddish. One of my first posts on multiply was about my rainbow hair, or how I'd coloured my hair every colour of the rainbow, sometimes without meaning to. I don't remember doing anything to it in this photo though. I only remembered how my top sparkled under the disco lights.

These are the people I lived with (left to right standing): Diane, who was from my university though I didn't know her before, Lynn, and Nancy (left to right squatting): Maeve from Northern Ireland, Paula, who shared a flat with me the following year, and me, with the reddish hair and sparkly top. Lynn, Nancy and Paula were from the same university. Nancy and I are the only ones who decided to continue living in Spain. Paula came back and lived just up the street from me for another year, because I kept the flat with the horrible wallpaper and lived there until I bought the place I now live in, which isn't far from my old rented flat.

Apart from going to discos or having a party almost every weekend, I remember how difficult it was living with 5 other people who weren't family. In general, we got on okay, but there was always some people who didn't clean up after themselves, or you'd have to wait to take a shower because all the hot water had been used up, or someone had eaten your food, etc. Every time we'd have a party, the electricity would go off. The landlord would have to come since the breakers were downstairs and we didn't have a key to that room. Now I feel sorry for those neighbours who had to suffer those parties. I myself always ended up going to a disco to get away from all the wildness. Oh, and there was a butcher's next door that only sold horse meat. We would often see them bringing in the carcasses, so somebody would have bought it. Most likely it's not a recent incident that horse meat has shown up in packaged ground (mince) beef. My granny always said what you don't know won't hurt you. Or will it? I'm not fond of hamburgers or usually eat beef.

Hope you've enjoyed my rescued memories and hope everybody has a good week. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Great photo, and fun memories!! Thanks for sharing! Those were the days....

  2. It's fun to look back in time through photos. Thanks for sharing your memories. Nice photo!

  3. What a cool post! I hope you continue taking us down memory lane! Are you still a U.S. citizen? I would love to visit Spain one day. My niece study in Madrid when she was in college (she is a Spanish teacher) and the pictures she took were beautiful. She had such a wonderful time, and her host family was so nice.

    1. As Terri says, those were the days. Spain was, and still is, a great place for young people to have a good time in. Yes, i still retain an American passport, Terri.

    2. oops! Meant to say to Kris that I'm still an American citizen.

  4. Hi your link worked, I will add you to my blog list too-