Sunday, 19 January 2014

Time to Clean the Bibelots

I know this isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, that I've said how much I detest dusting and cleaning dust collectors. Give me windows to clean any day. On seconds thoughts, don't give me windows, because we've had rain and are likely to get some more. This is one of my favourite bibelots that I've had for many years: a birthday present from a friend. One of the things I loved about Spain when I first came here was their beautiful pottery. My decorative plate comes from Seville and is hand painted and accented with 24-karat gold. Possibly some will have seen letter openers that look like swords from Toledo with similar gold work on them that have beautiful carvings. Plates like this, though usually less ornate than mine, are used on the walls of balconies and patios as decoration. I have another smaller plate, also with 24-karat gold, both of which hang on the walls of my flat.

This week we gave our Thursday night out a miss as two of my friends were not feeling well. One of them who's allergic to some pollen from olive trees (she's living in the wrong country) was uncomfortable with her allergy while the other had the flu. However, we did go out yesterday for our monthly lunch together. When the one with the bout of flu called me yesterday morning, I didn't recognize her voice and even asked who was calling as it was a mobile number (I don't usually recognize those numbers unless I have them programmed into my landline ). Since we have lunch so late for me on these occasions, I wasn't hungry at dinner.

Another weekend almost over. That's about it for me today except to say I've got my picture that I received for Christmas framed, and I think the sun is trying to make a showing.

Hope everyone has a good week.



  1. Brenda, while tearing our two rooms apart, for painting, I found so much dust on things that just never get moved, and the baseboard behind furniture was just horrid with dust and cat hair. Oh my! I think my house is somewhat clean, and then the furniture gets moved....yikes.

    Your plate is beautiful. Hope your friends get well soon and that your Thursday night out can start again this week. You stay well, now!!

    1. Funnily enough, I read later on yesterday that 80% of dust is human skin. I'm not sure about that.

  2. Hi Brenda! Your plate is beautiful! The dust situation in my house is off the charts. It mostly comes from my dog, Scooby. I can dust around the house and sweep the kitchen floor and not an hour or so later, I could go back and do the same thing again. Have a great week!