Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bread and Water

Every Friday my friend, the one who is continuing as managing director and also teacher at our old institute, and her students take it in turns to bring something for breakfast break. Whatever they take usually ends up in a photo on facebook. Where else? Although I no longer work there, I said I'd try to make something this week, and what I made was my favourite recipe of banana nut bread. Here I've sliced it up and put the slices in an ice-cream tub. Since the bread turned out so perfect, I was almost  tempted to take a piece.

This is another of my dust collectors that I use for a purpose other than what it's meant to be used for. It's a water jug that field workers like to use, because it keeps the water cool and it's easily transported. The bigger spout on the left is where the water goes in and the one on the right is the drinking spout.

And the handle between the spouts is for carrying the jug. I thread the cord of my portable radiator through the handle, so that I don't trip over it when I go into my office. The plug where the heater is plugged in is near the floor. I unplug the heater and other appliances when I'm not using them, and really only have to worry about tripping over the cord when I'm using the radiator like today if I just leave the cord on the floor. The jug itself is plain and unglazed. I've often thought it would look nice decorated, but I'm not the one to do it.

The only thing out of the ordinary, or perhaps not, is my week went by quickly. We did have a property owners meeting for our building, which I didn't have an excuse this time not to attend. I think the less said about this, the better. We have a new president and vice-president. I'm happy because I wasn't chosen for either posts. I will say that I like our new administrator. He does the job he's paid to do. The only problem is the meetings are early in the evening, and some days I don't get home until 8 or 9.

I know those of you who have seen a lot of snow this winter are fed up. We don't usually see a lot of it in Madrid. Monday was only the second time this winter we've had flurries. I was going to go out and take a few white photos of the couple of centimetres that the weather forecast said we might get. Okay, the snowflakes were pretty, but the snow didn't stick. The rest of the week, like just now, we've had rain showers and lots of wind. I had umbrella problems again this week on my way to the Chinese.

My weekend has flown by too, but that seems to be the norm. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend and the new week.



  1. Happy Sunday Brenda, wow-I just put a banana bread in the oven this morning. Making this one for the guys so it has wheat flour in it. I love your jug-very nifty, would be neat to use when working out in the garden-have not seen one like that before. have a great new week

  2. I'm late getting around to blogs, but have to say that I really love your water jug, that you use for something else. Your bread looks delicious, and I'm sure your friends loved it.

  3. Your banana bread looks so yummy! I have never made it before. Can you post the recipe or send it to me in a message? Your water jug looks like a piece of art to me...I love it! Have a wonderful week, Brenda!

  4. Thanks, ladies.Yes, i'll post the recipe.

  5. A loaf of bread, a jug of wine... well, at least you have the start of it.

  6. Hi Brenda, since you are a no reply blogger I can not contact you-so please go to my page and there is a contact by email form to me on the right hand column-I had three people sign up for my sunshine so am going to mail all three of you some sunshine to your special people-I also replied back to you on that post-thanks Kathy