Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dust Bunny Fun

Since I haven't had class I've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The last time I took everything out from under the bed to capture all the dust bunnies like the one in the photo was at Easter. Actually this bunny came from a photo I borrowed from the internet. I'm not that talented nor were there enough to make an art piece. I did find lots of lint and about 10 clothes pegs under the washer when I pulled it out as much as possible. Unless someone has a cleaning lady that does all these chores, I imagine they'll have quite a bit of stuff under their washing machine too.

If I didn't realize it before, I do now. I have too many clothes. I've finally got all my winter things washed, and I've already gone through them twice picking out things I didn't wear this past winter. So I've decided if I buy anything for the coming winter, it'll just be no more than a couple of pairs of jeans.

Yesterday morning I was taking things out of the kitchen cupboards to clean them out when the phone rang. It was a friend telling me she was sending her husband with some lavender that she'd promised me a while back. I just had time to throw on some clothes as I was wearing one of those short dorm shirts and to clear the table off a bit. He also brought me about a kilo of peaches.

This is how I prepared a pot of soup beans today. As always I put some type of fat, in this case bacon, to give them a down home flavour. This time I added a lettuce leaf because one of my friends says it absorbs the gas. I had some for lunch and so far so good. Although I took the lettuce leaf out before I served the beans, there were bits of it still in the soup. The lettuce leaf and the bits didn't change the taste, but I wish Spanish brown beans were as nice as American brown beans. The lentils, chick peas and other types of legumes are delicious. It's just the brown beans that are different.

Our weekend weather has been wonderful, not too awfully hot and cooler at night. The temperatures will start going up tomorrow though. Tomorrow I start visiting my friend Chris's cat. Her sister-in-law is there at the weekend, so another friend and I only have to go Monday to Thursday.

I guess I'll leave you and see what mischief I can get up to. Hope everybody has a good week.


  1. I SO need to clean out the kitchen cupboards. And they are just the tip of projects that need to get done around here. I am so lazy. Good for you, getting it done. I've never heard about putting a lettuce leaf in with the beans. I've heard about baking soda, but not a lettuce leaf. Good to hear it is working! Keep us posted, please! Love the dust bunny photo! Ha! I had enough cat hair yesterday, to make an entire bunny family! Gone, now, though! Wishing you a good week ahead!

  2. Our dryer broke so Walt pulled it out along with the washer and talk about dust bunnies! I could have made a dozen of those little bunnies that you have pictured..haha. Thanks for the bean tip! I am going to try it out next time. Have a wonderful week, Brenda!

  3. See? I knew, or at least hoped, I wasn't the only one whose electrical appliances hid all kinds of lint and fluff.