Sunday, 18 January 2015

No Snow Yet!

On Friday I posted on facebook that we were to get some snow in Madrid today. Some expert from the weather service was even quite certain we would. Well, so far the only precipitation we've received in the capital is a bit of rain, which is good too since it helps to clear the atmosphere. Of course, it's not too late in the day or later night for the rain to turn into snow.

For now I have to be content with an old photo taken in our Retiro Park of people skating on the frozen lake with the Glass Palace in the background. This brings back memories of when we were little and weren't at all frightened of skating on the frozen pond on the farm where we lived. The pond must have been well- frozen like the lake in the old photo, because I don't remember any of us breaking through the ice. Unlike these people, we didn't have ice skates though.

Nothing much exciting going on in my part of the world. It was discovered earlier in the week that one of the terrorists had been in the Madrid airport with his wife and another man the day before the attack in Paris. He drove back to France the same day while his wife and the other person flew to Turkey. The authorities have no record of them having stayed in a hotel. Then early Thursday morning a 20-year-old who said he loved living to the limit over shot that limit when he fell from an iron railing that he was trying to walk along onto the  path of a train. His friend attempted to rescue him, but by the time he got to him it was too late. Too much alcohol and not enough common sense. No good news there.

I did get my new washing machine finally on Tuesday by which time I had two loads ready for it. When the men who brought and installed it took out the old one, a trail of water came out everywhere. The lady who cleans our building had already mopped the hall outside my door at that time, so she probably wasn't too pleased. I mopped up the mess inside and then I mopped the hall. At the time she cleans it's almost impossible that someone isn't coming in or going out. 

The other day I discovered some cool tricks for framing photos on the internet. I think it was on Unskinny Boppy that I follow on facebook. The original photo I used was of a forest in autumn. For me the photo almost looks like a painting. On top of this photo I placed a note which I had recently received from my friend Kathy in Missouri. She makes her own lovely paper. What do you think? Do you like it? I find all kinds of good tips on the internet.
I can't think of anything else to add except my uncle, who is a World War II veteran, celebrated his 93rd birthday yesterday. My sister Jackie and lots of my cousins were there to help celebrate. And if we do get snow in Madrid, I'll let you know. Take care and have a good week.   


  1. Wishing you a good week, too!! The handmade paper is lovely - I like the combination! Hoping you get the snow you want (??!!??) but I would rather have rain than snow! Happy you got your new washing machine, but too bad you had to clean the hallway because of the leftover water....

  2. Hi Brenda thanks for letting me know-I love it! matches very nice

  3. fantastic idea for framing the home made paper. I have mine sitting on a little shelf above the computer but its just as Kathy sent it, no frame or anything. I have been trying to figure out a way to use it.