Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer - Going, Going, Almost Gone

I can't believe we're in the middle of August, and neither can you! August is typical for festivals and people escaping from the cities in droves and planting themselves on the beaches - sometimes getting up at first light to get a good spot on one of the most popular beaches. Those who don't leave the cities always have a festival they can attend. 

Here you have a couple of delicious treats that I've consumed this week.
Lime sherbet and delicious even if I didn't make it myself. The box comes with 3 limes and this is the last one. 
Recently my friend Kathy from Missouri has been talking about her mango margaritas. I've had sweet ones, like strawberry, but much rather have the sour ones. This is the margarita I made with lemons instead of limes, which I discovered had gone hard and bad. I would have probably had to add some lemon juice anyway, because I didn't have enough limes. I call the lime sherbet and the margarita my lemon-lime detox.

Weatherwise, we've had a great week of cooler temperatures. As a matter of fact, I woke up in the middle of the night cold, so for the first time this summer have had to use a quilt. It will no doubt be too hot again in a couple of nights, but I'm enjoying the weather we're having at the moment.

One thing I didn't mention last week in my post was that the people in a block of flats in Madrid had to escape with just their lives as part of the building was coming down. This happened at about 4 a.m. when most people are sleeping. Fortunately everyone was able to get out in time, and the entire building had to be pulled down. 

Because of the age of the building (more or less the same age as mine), I'm guessing the supporting pillars were wooden like they were in my building until we replaced them with steel ones. Buildings here, especially the older ones, have to pass inspection every 10 years and apparently that building had passed inspection in 2012. Another factor that may have caused the poor condition of the pillars to go unnoticed is there was a banquet hall where the pillars were located that had been closed for years. But as this is still part of the building, they should have had access to this space when the building was inspected, although perhaps the rotten pillars wouldn't have been detectable. I'm not an architect, but feel sorry for those poor people who have lost their homes.

I'm going to take some time off from doing a weekly post on Blogger but will return in October. I'll still visit you and your posts, and, of course, you'll see me on FB. Have a good week everyone.  




  1. I will miss you here on Sundays, Brenda. Happy we are connected on FB though. See you back in October!!

  2. I forgot to mention I haven'tseen the cat-food eating bees in Sami's house for a while. However, I'm quite certain they either ate it or fly away with some.

    1. Yay! I saw one of the bees today on my last day Sami sitting. I'm going to miss her.