Sunday, 13 December 2015


In my last post I said that in the end I'd have to go to the centre and face the crowds. I also mentioned that our favourite Mexican restaurant's closure was the reason. Well, surprise, surprise! We didn't run into any big crowds as we took the nearest underground station on our line to the restaurant. We were even able to get a seat there and back. The only disappointing thing was the food was a bit cold and the arroz con pollo wasn't up to standard.

I, being the social secretary that I am, made the reservations and sent a whatsapp message on our group page and called the one friend who refuses to be on whatsapp. I saw that everybody answered except Chris. On Tuesday morning I saw that she still hadn't answered. When it got to be what I considered to be late, I started calling her mobile only to get the message that it was turned off or had no service. Then I left a message on her home phone. In the end I left to join Cathy in the underground all the time worried that something had happened to Chris or someone in the family. When we were near the restaurant, I made one last attempt at getting in contact with her. This time she picked up saying she'd had her phone charging and was running late. I know Chris by now to know that she's always late, but she could have phoned or left a message. Pretty inconsiderate of her, especially since I was worried. 

On to a sweeter subject. This is what I've spent considerable time doing at the weekend.
I've been making buckeyes since my sister Diana introduced us to them years ago. Today I will have made and packaged 5 batches or 14 buckeyes per package. I've already made and gifted some Mexican wedding cookies - another treat I make at Christmas.

Yesterday one of my ex-neighbours in Kentucky posted on facebook that they were mowing the grass on 12 December, and today one of my cousins posted some photos of their family Christmas get together of them outside jumping rope. It's not quite as warm here. As a matter of fact, I laugh when I see it's warmer in Paris or London or sometimes in Helsinki than in Madrid. So far we've got almost no snow in the mountains, and we sure could use some rain. It's supposed to rain a bit tomorrow. Let's hope it does.

Since I've been busy today, and I have more things that need doing I'll leave you with a have a good week. 


  1. Your Buckeyes look delicious! I know you know that I make them every year, too, but in a pan and cut into squares. I'm too lazy to roll and dip. Yours are prettier than mine! I love the Mexican wedding cake cookies. My favorite cookie, actually. Your friend, Chris, should certainly be more aware of her friends and how they might be feeling. Glad you were able to travel in comfort! We turned the AC back on today here in Florida. It's HOT. Have a good week, Brenda!!

  2. I need to make some of those buckeyes everyone loves them too-I haven't done any christmas baking yet-which is unusual for me-I make a bunch of different things freeze and then pass them out before christmas-we are turning colder this week so may get motivated to start-lol those 70s degree f days were such a treat

  3. The recipe you posted for the dutch oven cake sounds like a delicious treat to make and eat.