Sunday, 25 November 2012

Black Friday Spanish Style

I constantly marvel how easily Spain embraces things so typically American such  as Halloween. For years, on this particular night we've witnessed party-goers dressed up as ghosts, goblins, vampires, etc. and children asking for sweets. Maybe it's because Spain is famous for its 'fiestas', and so it looks like Halloween is here to stay. Now this past Friday some of the shops, particularly the larger ones, had up signs for 'Black Friday'. The sales are usually held in January (starting on the 7th) and July. However, in recent years and because of the crisis, sales are happening earlier and lasting longer - not a bad idea considering what you can save on Christmas gifts. I know loads of people in other parts of the world who've already done their Christmas shopping. Spanish people are different, like the old slogan 'Spain is different'. The shops will be crowded on 5th of January I guarantee. with people buying whatever at whatever price because they've left shopping until the last possible moment.  6th January is the day when presents are exchanged and the 7th when they're returned to the shops, hence this is the traditional day the sales start.There are still people who refuse to have their bills sent through the bank and who leave paying said bills in the bank until the last possible moment and then complain because they have to wait since banks have set days and times when you can pay bills.

Anyway, I hope everyone in the US had a good Thanksgiving. I had a great birthday celebration in a Greek restaurant and was showered with lots of goodies from my friends. There are restaurants here that do prepare 'Thanksgiving' meals, but I can honestly say of the times we've gone out to celebrate the food has been good at only one of them. Once we went to Friday's (TGIF) and instead of cranberry sauce, we were given blueberry jam because the Spanish word for both is the same and the stuffing had no spices in it whatsoever. The only complaint at the Greek was the moussaka had shrunk in size. I suppose so as to maintain the prices. Even so, Chris took home some of her chicken. We tend to order too much or fill up on the delicious appetizers, which is more like it.

My photo is of my sister's dog, Ruby, using my niece's doll, which now belongs to her daughters, as a pillow. When I see Kris's dogs, I'm reminded of Sophie, a black sweetie, and Ruby. 


  1. A very cute photo of Ruby. I'm glad you had a good birthday dinner at your favorite Greek restaurant. We enjoy Greek food, too. I do find it interesting that customs here have traveled across the world to Spain. It is a small world, truly.

  2. Awww..such a sweet photo of Ruby! My dogs will lay their heads on anything and everything

    It's funny how different countries can share the same traditions/events yet do them so differently! I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday celebration! Sounds like your friends did it up right for you!