Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beans and Buckeyes

I'm going to try and be brief today. I know anyone with even a pinch of respect for human life is mourning those lives lost in Newtown, Connecticut. We remembered this and one of our former colleagues who died last Sunday at the age of 52 at our Christmas lunch yesterday. Our friend's sudden death was a shock to us all. I pray for his family and for the families of those in Conn. 

I wanted to share something I've learned about burnt beans from one of my fellow Kentuckians and this photo of my buckeyes (chocolate-covered peanut butter balls). Even us transplanted southerners love our beans and even those of us who make the best-tasting soup beans, as we call them in my family, sometimes get busy doing something else and burn the beans. How I hate the smell! To save the beans that didn't burn transfer to another pan, wash them and add more water and a tablespoon of peanut butter. According to Gilda, the peanut butter works and your beans come out delicious and there is absolutely no burnt taste. Makes me want to burn them just to try out this trick. Only joking! 

I imagine some of you are making lots of goodies for Christmas, like me. I've made another batch of buckeyes today and some Russian teacakes. I don't imagine I'll post anything next Sunday, but will try to wish you a Merry Christmas on facebook, ipernity, blogger or google +. Enjoy the holidays.   


  1. Hi Brenda, good to know you received your card Ok and glad you liked it. ( thanks for mine, love those drawings) Thanks also for your comments, if you wonder why the last post was deleted its because the subject of my most recent portraits objected to the pictures being posted, so I deleted them.
    I understand why you would want to deliberatly burn beans just to see if the peanut butter trick works, I'd do exactly the same, hard to work out why it would work and I would want to be testing the theory.
    This time of year is so busy so I guess I'll wish you a very merry Christmas now :-))

  2. Buckeyes have to be my favorite Christmas treat!! My aunt makes them every year and sends them to us. I really need to make these one day! My mom was born and raised in Paducah, KY!