Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Bath Salts Aren't The Drug-Type

This summer when I was visiting my family in Ohio, my sister bought a big container of epsom salt at the Dollar Store, probably for just a couple of bucks. I was telling her how much I'd paid some months before. I've just checked the exchange rate and in dollars mine cost me almost $18. Why such a huge difference in price I can't say, and the salts aren't imported which would possibly make them more expensive, nor are they the kind that young people like. The Kroger brand I found in a parcel my sister sent a few weeks after Christnas. There were a couple of boxes of cornbread mix too that I'll probably re-gift because they contain sugar and I dislike sweet cornbread. Nobody ever put sugar in the cornbread when I was growing up. My grandma always made sauerkraut and she never put sugar in it. I don't know any Germans who do either, but one of my former sisters-in-law did. I know she wasn't happy with me not eating her sweetened sauerkraut. I try not to be a picky eater, unless it's something that I'm allergic to like most seafood. Nevertheless, there are some things that shock and disgust my taste buds.

Yesterday I was good and got all of the big cleanng chores done before I went out to buy milk and a few things. I was surprised at how mild it was when I finally got out to the street wearing far too much clothing, of course. I came home, put away the things I'd bought and got a load ready for the washer. I then decided to take the paper I'd collected over the week to the paper bank only to be knocked about from a cold wind this time out. One of my friends from facebook posted a cartoon depicting the weather in different parts of the States and then the weather in Kentucky - 4 seasons in a day. We had at least two yesterday in Madrid. Today we've got a cold drizzle. I'm glad to be inside warm and with the place clean. I doubt this will make Monday any more bearable though. I'll let you know.

One of my friends has complained that even though classes didn't start until 8th January, January has been a long month with 4 weeks to work. I suppose this is true, but for me February has always been the long month. In February it seems a long time since we were on holiday, and, of course, there are no official holidays. There is going to be a third General Strike since September on 23rd, which is a Saturday. I don't know why the trade unions have decided to strike on a Saturday. 23-F is a well-known date in Spanish history.

I hope Terri is feeling better today though I fear she isn't as I haven't seen her on facebook, and she hasn't posted anything on blogger yet. I pray that she's soon better and that everyone has a good week.


  1. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts, Brenda. It was a nasty couple of days, but laying low and keeping up with the medicine every four hours seems to have done the trick. I'm still coughing a bit, and have some congestion, but am feeling better.

    Hard to imagine paying $18 for epsom salts. My goodness, we get a huge tub of them at Sam's Club for under $4.00.

    My mom put sugar in everything, so a sweet moist corn bread is my favorite, and we always put sugar on our sauerkraut. We also put sugar on tomato slices, and on our cottage cheese. My friends think I'm crazy, but it's all in how you were raised, I guess!

    I think February is a long month, too. January seems to have breezed by for me. Hard to believe it is nearly over.

    Thanks again for thinking of me! Love & hugs.

  2. You reminded me of how little we kept in our medicine cabinet when I was growing up: epsom salts, baking soda, asperin, alcohol, iodine...and not much else!
    As for the weather here: Georgia's winter weather is warm, warm, and more warm. There have been a few dips into the 30's at night but mainly just nice weather.
    You reminded me, too, of how much we did without sugar in what we cooked. Seems we've steadily "upped" our sugar intake. I remember loving cornbread without any sweetness in it! My father's family was German, my mother's was English and Scottish, so they had very distinctly different cooking styles. I remember meals at my father's parents' home being full of unfamiliar spices and sugary treats. Most everything of my mother's family recipes tends to be bland in comparison. One thing I'm NOT familiar with is Spanish cooking!

  3. I don't make my sauerkraut with sugar either..I don't think I have ever had it with sugar..yuk! I totally can relate to having all four seasons in one day! Michigan's weather is just nuts! I think January was a very long month, even though I was busy it just seemed to drag!