Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kings' Cake

Since this is my first post of the new year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Today is the day when gifts brought by the Three Wise Men on their camels are traditionally exchanged in Spain. However, Santa is finding he has more work than usual as he's becoming more and more popular here. To celebrate Epiphany, at least traditionally anyway, we also eat 'roscón de Reyes' (and drink chocolate). People like their roscón different ways: some with whipped cream, trufa or, like me, plain. Inside each cake there are two items to be found. One is a faba bean, and the person getting the faba bean has to pay for the cake the following year. The other is a 'surprise', a small plastic figurine, and the person who gets it is the king or queen and wears the paper crown that comes with each cake.

Just before I sat down to write this, my phone rang. It was my mad artist-writer friend thanking me for the teacakes, which he loves, and other goodies I make and give out at Christmas. On Christmas Eve I got a voice mail from him saying someone had stolen the teacakes. He's so mad, but sadly he told me that his mother is now suffering from dementia senile, so he's eating lots of avocados. According to him, avocados are good to keep memory loss at bay. He said he'd made a concoction of avocado, nuts and honey for her. and was thinking of commercializing it as Dr. H. 

There are gremlins or something about today. I posted a comment on Kris's page while I was using the ipad this morning, but the comment disappeared. I'm going to re-post now. I got a new camera for Christmas, not a great one, but then I'm not a great photographer. Every time I download photos there's a strange occurence that I'll explain in my next post and see if anyone has an answer. 

Now I'm going to go finish putting the Christmas stuff away. It sure has been nice having holidays. Hope everyone has a good week.  



  1. Your King's cake looks sooooo delicious! That is awful that someone had stolen your friend's teacakes that you made him! Who does that kind of thing? I never knew that avocados were good at keeping memory loss at bay! I need to start adding them to my diet:-) I also will pass this on to my mom. She is going to be 83 this year and I can see some memory issues with her. That would be wonderful if avocados could help her. Congrats on the new camera! I really would like to get one too. I usually just use my cell phone I had the same issue with posts disappearing a couple of weeks ago..I got so angry about it. I've started copying a pasting them before I hit publish so I have it if it happens again:-) Good luck with getting your Christmas decorations put away! Enjoy the rest of your day:-)

  2. It was a joke about the teacakes. He said there were 5 left. His mother has short-term memory loss, but she remembers past events very well he says.

  3. The King's Cake does look good. Our old church used to have it after Mass. I think the youth did it as a fundraiser. So, your friend just wanted more of your yummy teacakes! LOL

    It's always fun to get a new "toy"! Hope you enjoy your new camera. Wishing you a good week ahead, Brenda!! Your Sunday is almost over, I guess, as I type this at 2:15 our time. Good to get your news!

  4. Maybe I should start eating more avocados too. lol

    The kids do a Kings cake for Mardi Gras here. But unless the weather warms up some - I am not going. Only a week till Fat Tuesday, so who knows what the weather will be then!

    I clicked on the link you sent me, and it worked. But I don't see where to become a follower or connect here - only a subscribe by email? I will sure be glad when I figure this place out. lol

  5. I'm not exactly sure what that delicious looking cake is, but what ever it is, it look good. I do so admire your cooking abilities, I never was much of a cook.

  6. Brenda, I'm just wondering if you know which site Diana is on at the moment, is she posting any thing any where?? She found me here and I think thats because of you, thanks you :-), but I don't know where to contact her.

  7. Loretta, have put the link to Diana's page in your guest book here and also on multiply.