Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

As you can see this cupboard is as bare of food as poor Mother Hubbard's. That's because it's not for storing food. Tiina, from Finland, has said that it's a Finnish invention and I've seen one similar to mine in her photos. Although my kitchen has plenty of storage space, it doesn't have room for a dishwasher, so it has a small cupboard where I can put my dishes to dry without having to dry them by hand. Because I have to put pots and pans on the top shelf, I have to be careful how I stack them so that they don't come back on me. It has happened. Ouch!

I suppose everyone has heard that as of  this past Thursday (20 March) Multiply is no longer available to anyone who isn't an online seller. Sad, but no use crying over spilt milk. Some of us had a friend on Multiply and one of the posts he enjoyed doing was to research the origin of expressions like crying over spilt milk. Sadly, he doesn't like either facebook or anything google. He has a page on ipernity as do I, but says it's too complicated to do such a post of this type there. As for me, I haven't been able to get into ipernity, and if I were younger, I'd want to work for google. How about you?

As I feared our Easter weather, at least in Madrid, is going to be lousy. When I first started typing, it was raining cats and dogs, and now the sun is trying to make a timid appearance. I only hope not all of the processions get cancelled. Easter isn't Easter without them! Despite the horrible weather, I'm happily relaxing in my PJ's. It's so nice not having to prepare myself for tomorrow. I do have  to check on my friend's cat, but don't have to worry about the time factor. Next Sunday I won't be happy about losing an hour though, so I suppose I should take advantage of my week ahead.

Hope everyone is at least able to have a few days off. I'll see you next Sunday.  


  1. Brenda, enjoy your spring break!

    I think the drying cupboard is a great idea! Your friend is fortunate to have you to care for her cat! I hope the weather clears enough for your Easter processions! Please keep us posted!

    (Now that Multiply is gone, I hope to see a couple more of my friends show up here!)

    1. Hope they decide to give this place a try too! As for the weather I think we have rain scheduled for every day.

  2. that cupboard is a novel idea, think I'd quite like one of those. I know what you mean about Ipernity, I have a page there but only because two of my friends refused to go any where else. I just go in every so often to say hello and you are right, its not the easiest place to get to grips with. But at least we have here.

  3. I like the idea of your cupboard! I have a few large drawers for storing my dishes and pots and pans, but it doesn't matter that it is still gets full and organized! I need to declutter so badly! Enjoy your spring break!

  4. Sometimes I actually dry my dishes in the dishwasher when I have a smaller amount to wash in the sink. It gets them out of sight and I think it's better to air dry dishes than towel dry anyways not to mention it saves time! Neat idea!