Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Rain in Spain

It's been raining off and on, sometimes more sometimes less, for a week. On Monday evening coming home from class, the bottoms of my jeans got soaked and rain even got into my boots. I was so thankful the storm caught me coming home and not going to class. Then on Thursday, we had a cautionary (yellow) warning for winds and rain. Had I been in the street at about 4 pm, I'd have got more than my jean bottoms soaked! My photo doesn't show all the water that was rushing down my street, but I wasn't going to go out just to take a photo. There was a girl in the street taking a photo of the same spot as me from a different angle and much nearer, so I'm sure her photo was more descriptive, though mine shows the water almost getting into the hardware shop across the street. At the moment we have a bit of sun. I think it'll probably rain again tonight like it did late last night. In many areas of Spain, they've received record amounts of snow. As the saying goes: a year of snow, a year of benefits (water to drink and food to eat).

Last week I mentioned that we feared squatters had got into the abandoned house next to some friends' house, because smoke was coming out a window and the door. The police came along with the fire brigade. It's not certain that there are only two people in the house, but that's how many came out. César told me that they've been very quiet. I haven't seen or smelled any evidence of smoke whenever I walked past there. They're still there though, because without a court order they can't be evicted, at least in Spain. Now there is only one more abandoned house to occupy in the street.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening making a chicken cobbler from scratch. I made a potato soup (should have mashed up the potatoes more I think), cooked the chicken and made the biscuits for it. This time my biscuits came out to my liking. I had dinner with some friends on Tuesday evening. The last time we had dinner together I made some biscuits, which they really liked. This time I decided to double the recipe. Well, I doubled everything except the milk. Were they ever dry! Yesterday I told Noemí to throw them out and she said she liked them.

Even though we're not springing forward just yet, I'm not looking forward to this week. The one enjoyable event planned is celebrating a friend's birthday in a Mexican on Thursday night. Good luck to all who have catch up on a missing hour! 


  1. Thanks for the good luck wish! I really think if I changed my attitude a bit, it would be easier to adjust to the lost hour.

    Oh my - you have been wet there! Makes me feel bad about the beautiful weather we had this week!

    Happy birthday to your friend, and I am sure you will have a great celebration!

    You mentioned that you had seen photos of Southeastern University, and then this article was in our newspaper this week. Florida Southern University is just a block from the Museum, where I work. This event took place while the Leadership Forum was going on, but I wanted to share the article with you:

    Wishing you a dry and fun week ahead!

  2. Oh my goodness..that is a lot of rain! We had rain yesterday and my back yard looks like a little Have fun celebrating your friend's birthday on Thursday!