Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ups and Downs

If you remember, last weekend was our first weekend with fantastic weather - no rain, and I was happy because I could finally clean my filthy windows. By Tuesday we were up to 31º C (getting close to 90º F). On Thursday, my student Álvaro wanted to put on the air conditioning. I know I didn't convince him, but I told him he was exaggerated. He's one of those kids you'll see out without a coat in the cold of winter. His is also one of the houses that I go to that has the central heating on too high. The only advantage I can see to central heating for an entire block of flats is you can dry your clothes when it's raining. That's what I did when I lived in a rented flat with central heating, and I always had to leave a window or two open in winter. Today I'm sure some of the older people will be complaining they're cold in their houses if the heating has been turned off. It's about 16ºC (60º F) outside - a pleasant temperature.

On Friday I was having coffee after class with Cielo whose birthday it had been earlier on in the week. I'd made her some of my homemade vanilla extract, gave her a homemade brooch and a measuring cup. I told her that Álvaro had told me he was going to do a course in Ireland and his mother had just told him he would be going on 28 August. Cielo asked me how Maria, the mother, was. As there were so many family members in the flat, I said I hadn't talked to her. She's seldom there when I am anyway. That's when Cielo said, 'So you don't know that María's father died on Sunday night from carbon monoxide poisoning?' Her family had had the gas taken out about 10 years before because they feared something like this would happen. Apparently the gas seeped into their flat from another that must have had a leak. Fortunately María's mother was able to get help from the neighbours before she was overcome too. My photo shows the free newspaper I download during the week, but don't always read. However, I had read Monday's edition and the story was there though no names were mentioned. It only said that one of the neighbours had realized that something was wrong. Prayers are appreciated for this family. I really don't know what I'm going to say when I go tomorrow. I didn't find it strange that so many people were there as they often visit. I saw my horoscope this morning and it advised me to be grateful for the small things and the bigger ones would take care of themselves. Good advice. 

I'm grateful to those who read this and hope your week is a good one.  



  1. I will add this family to my prayer list, Brenda. I'm sure your words will be appreciated and know they will be heart-felt. I'm so sorry the the family's loss.

  2. That’s so sad, its a real silent killer I feel so sorry for the family.
    Like you I'm also very grateful to every one who takes the time to read and comment on what I write, and I know you always do, and so yes, I really relate to this sentiment.

  3. How tragic! I will keep this family in my prayers.
    Your weather sounds so nice! We like to keep our house on the cool side, even during the winter we tend to keep the temp down. Have a wonderful week, Brenda.

  4. So sorry to read of the loss of Maria's father. Prayers for all the family and friends.

    I agree it is so important to be thankful for the little things. Looking back someday what was sometimes huge will seem smaller and the little things precious memories. It's great to appreciate the people , kindness and beauty around us