Sunday, 28 April 2013

Project Pinterest

Recently Kris posted some of her favourite pins from Pinterest for the week. This is one that I found via a friend and absolutely adore. I like it so much that I'm hoping to be able to make it. It's simply doilies sewn together. The only problem is I only have a few doilies, and, as I don't crochet, have to rely on finding them already made. I've checked in a couple of Chinese shops. Although the one in my street has them, they're not the round kind but the elongated ones. Since I have an extra day off this week, I hope to go looking for them in other shops, i.e. if I'm not too lazy or there's a big snow or something else which hinders my search.

I'm only halfway joking about the snow. I'm almost certain that there is snow in the mountains of Madrid, and I've put the heating on today. Usually the weather in Paris is worse than here, but I saw yesterday it was warmer there. I haven't looked today. I can't remember the year, but we had snow in Madrid at the beginning of June when I lived in the rented flat not far from where I now live.

Yesterday when I went out to do a bit of food shopping that I usually do on Saturday afternoon, the supermarket that I go to was jam packed. I have no idea why there were so many people there. It seemed that everyone was pulling around baskets full. I hope there's not supposed to be some kind of strike that would affect the food supply. The centre of town suffers enough from protests of some sort just about every week.

Hopefully this week I'll get round to making some bread. I am going to make a shepherd's pie for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, so here's hoping everyone has a good week. Happy May Day!

P.S. Has everybody who has come from Multiply heard that it was closing permanently in May?


  1. I have never made a shepherds pie-but always sounded delicious. I just heard that multiply was totally closing even for the sellers-what a shame that a nice blog site went down.
    we finally have sunshine here-so nice for a change do have resale shops there or garage sales? I find many nice doilies that way

  2. I thought Multiply was closed already. Theresa was finally booted out a month of so ago. I left what seems like ages ago, now. So sad.

    I saw that pin on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I have a hodge-podge of doilies around, made by this person or than (or me, years ago). I may try to piece some together - like you, if I can make the time. Keep us posted about yours! Happy May Day to you, and wishing you a good week!

    1. No, Terri. Multiply is even closing the 'Marketplace' - the whole shebang!

  3. I love the doily table runner! Do you have a dollar store in Madrid? I have bought doilies there. Also, yard sales are another good place to find them.

    I sure wish more people from Multiply would migrate to blogger! Have a wonderful week, Brenda!

  4. We have Chinese shops, Kris. I found some round doilies yesterday at the 'Chino Amable' (the friendly Chinese). At least for us in Spain, we sometimes find the Chinese to be cold. They certainly speak louder than the Spanish.