Sunday, 5 May 2013

All Good Things

Call me lazy, but I've enjoyed my unexpected 5 days off immensely. Tuesday was a holiday in many countries of Europe (the day we celebrate Labour Day or May Day  ) and then Wednesday was the holiday that Madrid celebrates every year to commemorate the uprising of the people of Madrid in 1808 against the occupation of French troops. That leaves Friday as a working day in theory. One of my classes was going to the village and the other to Prague, so an extra day for me to do what I wanted.

Last week I posted a photo of a table runner that I found on Pinterest and liked, especially for the summer when I hate the idea of having to iron tablecloths. I'm pleased with how it turned out, and think it looks nicer than it does in the photo. I had a few of the doilies and the rest I finally found in a Chinese shop, which are our Dollar Stores. There's a new one in my street and they  actually sell crochet table runners, or dresser scarves as we used to call them. I finally found the rounded ones in what some call the 'Friendly Chinese' shop. I suppose it's a culture thing for them to be gruff and unsmiling. The lady in this shop is helpful and friendly. Anyway, I also went and bought a couple of the long table runners thinking that I'd add some of the round doilies I have left over and make a different kind. When I do, I'll add the photo. I know some of you have already seen this photo on facebook. By the way, a friend of mine did make the couple at the top which are supposed to be snowflakes, but I neither knit nor crochet. She was here just a few minutes ago to pick up the keys that I have to her flat. Her key to the front door had broken off. Lucky for her I was at home, as I assume her husband is working today since it's Mother's Day in Spain.

Speaking of Mother's Day, Kathy, who has a page on blogger, and a friend are giving away a nice basket of homemade products for Mother's Day. Tuesday is the last day to enter. She'll be drawing the name of the  lucky winner on Tuesday evening, so why not yours? Here's the link: 

That's all from me for this beautiful Sunday. Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. P.S. I forgot to mention the air fresheners that I make are shown on the table. The green one is my favourite, lemongrass; the orange one bergamot and the blue one is ylang ylang.

  2. Your table runner looks great, and I said that on FB, too, I think. Our Dollar Stores (as you know) COULD be called Chinese stores because most everything in them comes from China. Nice that you got five days off! Yippee for days off!

  3. Hi Brenda I wondered what the coloured pots were. They are quite decorative as well as functional. I think your idea with the doilies could be adapted for all sorts of things. I still in France enjoying the sunshine :-)

  4. The table runner is pretty. Enjoy your days off!
    How do you make air freshener? I'd love to be able to smell them. How nice!

  5. pretty table runner, thanks for posting about my giveaway-I am finally catching up on my reading