Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Lunch With Telemarketers

After a not so good last weekend, I was hoping for a bit of peace during this one. Canal + Television telemarketers have called me numerous times already during the week and today at about 2.30 p.m., which is lunchtime for many families. I usually eat a bit earlier than that unless I go to a restaurant, so I wasn't eating lunch then. How many times do I have to tell them I'm not interested, and, if I were, there's a shop near my house where I can get the kit to install Canal +. I can only imagine how unpleasant and frustrating their job must be, so I try and politely dissuade them from calling again. However, it doesn't always work or work for long. These calls seem to come in spates. Maybe this week they won't call? Oh no, they've just called! I'm not answering!

Yesterday we had our monthly lunch and hen party. There were only 5 of us as one of our friends is still in the States and another two couldn't make it. We were happy to welcome back a new member who we hadn't seen in over 9 months. She broke her left heel falling off a ladder and has suffered the consequences of the accident ever since. In fact, she's still going through treatment. She says it only hurts now that she's started to walk on it. Not being mobile is one of the worst things I can think of.

My photo today is what I did with some CD jewel cases. I printed a full-size photo of two of my great- nieces and cut each one into two and put them in the case. I'm a real magician! I decided to put my CD's in order, especially the ones I have for the computer, those with photos, recipes, etc. and a few music ones. I got a set of 4 CD albums from Amazon, which look like a small version of the big office files. This way I have them separated and can find the CD I want more easily. As for this idea for photo frames, I found it on the internet. Where else? If anyone has any more cool ideas as to what I can do with the empty cases (I have quite a few), please let me know.

I'm going to do a few chores now and hope everyone has a good week with no horrible storms or other difficulties.


  1. good morning-monday here-beautiful day here but more storms approaching here-can't keep up with the weeds and grass this year

  2. We've got lots of rain this year too. I noticed some gardens that unfortunately got some hail damage too, but hopefully they'll come out of it okay.

  3. A very cute idea!! Sorry to hear about your friend's heel. I can imagine how painful it must be for her. Nine months is a long time to be laid up. I hope she is getting good treatment for it. The telemarketers drive us crazy, too, and we are on the "no call" list - so they aren't supposed to be calling. A very sad way to have to make a living, I think.

  4. Cute idea with the cd cases!