Sunday, 27 October 2013

Getting Ready And Going Backwards

Here's another photo from my summer visit to Ohio. There's a picturesque little town near Cincinnati called Glendale. The first time I visited I took photos of the pub with the British name of Cock and Bull and lots of squirrel statues scattered around the town. I posted these on the innovative but sadly defunct social site Multiply, so some of you may have seen them. Now when I visit, we have dinner in the pub and watch trains. I don't usually take photos. However, I'd never seen a black squirrel before, and this little guy seemed to be digging for China. How many black squirrels have you seen? 

Before I leave this quiet little town, let me tell you a couple of interesting facts about Glendale, Ohio. It started out as a holiday resort for the rich of Cincinnati, especially in the summer. From a commemorative plaque I saw this summer, Glendale was also famous during the Civil War for the 'battle that never happened'. Morgan's troops, who had arrived in Glendale, had expected to run into Union troops because of the railroad. Well, a trainload of Union soldiers did pass through the town. Lastly, the only actress who successfully committed suicide by jumping off the sign when it was still Hollywoodland is buried in the cemetery here. Her father lived in Glendale.

This morning I was somewhat confused when I turned on the TV expecting to watch the 'Victims Of Terrorism' demonstration and speeches. The demonstration was in protest against the European Court's decision to overturn the 'Parot Law' in Spain which states that terrorists and other dangerous criminals, such as rapists and serial killers, are to be kept imprisoned the maximum number of years. In other words, the seriousness of the crime dictates the sentence. The European Court has ruled this is against 'human rights'. One such terrorist was set free just hours after the decision was made. She is responsible for over 20 deaths, one of them being an American businessman who was in the street when the bomb went off. There are over 100 terrorists who will be able to benefit from the Court's decision. The mother of Sandra Palo, a young girl who was raped, run over by a car and whose body was set on fire and burned, was also attending the demonstration, so now her daughter's murderers can be free too, thanks to the Court. What about the rights of the victims? As for my confusion, I'd forgotten the time change. Woe is me! Now I have to get used to another timetable change.

It's probably good that I get an extra hour this weekend, because I've been quite busy. I did some baking yesterday, so I'll have homemade bread for a few days. I'm a messy cook though and had to clean the kitchen floor 3 times! Then in the afternoon, I finished getting all my winter things ironed and into the wardrobe. I often envy people who have wardrobes for winter and summer clothes. I used to, but now things from the past season have to go into bags or suitcases. Touching wood, it's still not too chilly out and I haven't put on the heating yet.

Hope everyone has a good week. You can be envious of my extra hour this weekend and Friday off, and then I can be envious of you next weekend and your time off at Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it.


  1. Brenda, I have never seen a black squirrel. Quite an interesting fella! What a shame for the victims or those criminals being released early. Sickening, really. We are beginning to have cooler weather, but our summer and winter clothing tends to be very similar. Sleeves get longer. Wishing you a good week!!

  2. Hi Brenda, bet you had a wonderful visit to Cincinnati, and I've never seen black squirrels either, they look bigger than than the other ones. This European law confuses me. I thought it meant that all prisoners regardless of their crime have to be offered ( in theory) the chance to apply for parole and early release after a certain period of time. I didn't think it meant prisoners gain an automatic right to be released after a minimum period. I think prisoners in this country have been known to apply for parole and/or early release year after year and never be granted it. Sometimes I think these European laws and directives are confusing, and I think the media, rather than trying to tell us clearly exactly what a certain law means, twist things in order to sell newspapers. I'd be quite interested in hearing exactly what this new law means.

    1. No one here understands it either, Loretta. All the debate programmes keep saying this wouldn't happen in another country. Letting murderers, terrorists, rapists out of prison is not my idea of human rights, and we'll have to live with the consequences if live is the right word..

  3. I have never seen a black squirrel either-we turn our clocks back this coming saturday.
    I wouldn't like the sound of that law either-once a criminal they shouldn't have rights