Sunday, 3 November 2013

Someone on Facebook Said...

there were only 7 more shopping Saturdays until Christmas, and I also saw a post warning Santa off because its Thanksgiving month (and my birthday, may I add). My photo shows some of the things I bought last Christmas for decoration. Those lovely bags I got to hold the goodies I always make as gifts at Christmas. As a matter of fact, I've made a pact with an artist-writer friend to make him some teacakes in exchange for one of his pictures. 

Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the Christmas fair where I bought the items you see. The venue where it's always held, an Anglican church, is booked for all the Saturdays when the group could have the fair. Some of them also sell at the American Women's Club and at the British Ladies Christmas fair. I've been to the American one a couple of times and it's always crowded - the same with the British Ladies fair. I don't enjoy being in crowds any more, so I'll give these two a miss and hope to attend the one in the church next year. I used to do baked goods for this group, but it got too much for me.

My friend Chris's birthday falls on Halloween. The person whose birthday it is always chooses the restaurant. Chris always chooses Indian, just as I used to choose Mexican until our favourite Mexican restaurant started being rented out for Thanksgiving dinner. My choice has been changed to Greek. This was the first year we'd celebrated Chris's birthday so close to where I live (10 minutes walking). It seems I'm the social secretary for our get togethers because I book the tables and send out the e-mails and WhatApps or if necessary telephone. Anyway, the food was good, although one of our friends complained that it would have been less expensive had we shared dishes. We usually have leftovers which are always taken home. I know when we go to the Greek, I'm not sharing my moussaka, because they've made the portion smaller. One of the big problems is we start eating so late. The one who complained about the expense can't get there until 10 pm, which is a bit late for me, but don't think you're going to have dinner in Spain before 9 pm unless you go to McDonald's or one of the other fast food places.

I hope everyone enjoys their extra hour this weekend if you didn't get one last week. I sure have enjoyed my 3 days off. Have a good week everyone.   


  1. I sure enjoyed my extra hour this morning! No time off until Thanksgiving, will be here soon enough! Have a good week, Brenda!

  2. Only 7 Saturdays left before Christmas? That is a scary thought..LOL. I actually bought a few gifts already. I think this might be the soonest that I have ever started shopping. I vowed last year that when I saw something on sale I was going to buy it right then. I love the decorations you bought last year! We have a craft show coming up in a few weeks and I love looking at all the Christmas ornaments that people make! Have a great week, Brenda!