Sunday, 18 May 2014

Yoghurt Biscuits and Chulapas

On Friday evening I came across a recipe, which wasn't really a recipe, for yoghurt biscuits on the internet. There was no measuring of the ingredients, but instead of butter or shortening, you add yoghurt. As I didn't want sweet bread, I used plain yoghurt (that was probably mentioned in the non-recipe). I calculated for 6 big biscuits and added about 2 tablespoons of yoghurt, some milk and a bit of cheddar cheese to the flour mixture. I probably would have added more cheddar cheese if I'd had more. That's okay because I needed to use up the cheese, and I didn't want to use too many ingredients in case I didn't like these biscuits. So would I make them again? Yes, but I'd certainly make them smaller and put some bacon in them. They're easy and quick to make and there are more things you could add like herbs, onions, whatever you fancy.
This past Thursday was San Isidro, one of Madrid's patron saints. The ladies in the photo are called 'chulapas' and there's one lone 'chulapo'. On this day many people gather to have picnics and eat such delicacies as 'entresijos', which I've tried and won't repeat and which I doubt that you want to know what they really are. I know my father used to love 'sweetbreads' if you know what those are. I just don't enjoy eating these kinds of foods.

I think San Isidro is going to bring us some cooler weather this week and maybe some rain. As I've posted before, we're at the beginning of the bullfighting season. I neither go to them nor have I ever been to the 'Running of the Bulls'. Yesterday, however, in my neighbourhood the noise was from those celebrating Atlético de Madrid's winning of the Champions Cup. Atléti is a soccer team in case you've only heard of Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Well, I've taken my winter quilt off the bed and put on one of the summer ones. I don't think it'll get cold enough that I'll need to put it back on the bed this week, but I wait until it's really hot before I wash it, so it dries quicker. I'm lucky I can throw my quilt in the washing machine. Several laundromats have opened up in Madrid and there's one just crossing the bridge near where my friend Cathy lives. They're a lot cheaper than having your quilts dry-cleaned if they don't fit in the washer.

That's about it for me this week. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and the coming week too. 


  1. The biscuits look good, Brenda, and I think your idea of adding some bacon would make them a really good 'grab-and-go' breakfast!! Yum.

    Wishing you a good week ahead!

  2. love your biscuit recipe-the guys would love those-as you get cooler we are going to end up back hot again-90s