Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Pause for Spring

I recently read in another blog about corn on the cob. Last September when I was in Ohio, this is how my sister cooked corn on the cob - in the microwave with the husks still on. Have you ever made your corn on the cob this way? The only corn I have in Spain is what I get from a tin. I know some people buy frozen corn on the cob or the vacuum-packed kind. Me, I grew up on good corn and find what is offered here to be dry and tasteless.

The week that is finishing has been rainy, extremely windy and at times chilly. I haven't checked today, but it has actually been a lot warmer in places like Helsinki. On Wednesday evening when I stepped out the door to go to the Chinese restaurant, I saw a few drops of rain on the pavement. By the time I'd taken 5 steps, I had to turn around and go back for an umbrella. I was getting soaked. In the end I arrived at the restaurant wet anyway. The way the wind was blowing the umbrella offered little if no protection. Besides, I had to fight not to fly away like Mary Poppins. But do you know the strangest thing? My windows haven't been splattered, so aren't too dirty. I guess I have the wind to thank for blowing the rain away from them.

On Tuesday evening at about 8.30 p.m. there were lots of cars and noise in my street. I normally don't expect to hear continuous noise during bullfighting season until an hour later as the bullfights finish at 9. The event had to be cancelled because all 3 bullfighters got hurt, one of them seriously. If you've never seen a bullfight, then you may not know that there are 3 toreros (bullfighters) and 6 bulls - 2 bulls for each torero. Anyway, the last time such a thing happened was in 1979.

Last night it was again noisy until very late. This time it was mostly people celebrating a soccer win. I broke my 'no weekend TV' rule since my team, Atlético de Madrid, was playing Real Madrid in Lisbon for the Championship Cup. Atléti was winning 1-0 until the overtime when Real Madrid scored and then in the tie-break Real Madrid scored 3 goals in succession for the final score Real Madrid: 4; Atléti: 1. This is the place where players and fans will be celebrating this evening after the elections polls have closed (elections for European representatives).
I think the temperatures will climb back up this week, hopefully not as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago though. Have a good week all. 

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