Sunday, 28 September 2014

My Away Time

This is how I spent some of my time away from Blogger, although I did turn up to comment on friends' blogs and post a few photos of clouds and sunsets on Facebook.
This is the standard photo of the family reunion of all 8 brothers and sisters. The day was beautiful and sunny, but the wind was cold. As a matter of fact, I wore a jacket almost all the time I was in the US. The park where we always try to meet up since there are so many of us is in the Daniel Boone National Forest near my old university.
The next event is before the start of the Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club play at the Marx Theatre in Cincinnati Ohio. Despite the serious title, there were some laughable moments. Incidentally the spell checker underlines the word theatre. Once again it's wrong, because my ticket for the play puts Marx Theatre. And those people behind us enjoying our photo are strangers. My sister wasn't well in this photo, so hope she's feeling better now.
One of the places we usually go to when I'm there is Glendale. One of the things special about Glendale Ohio is the statues of squirrels that there are all around the town. I posted some of these photos on Multiply a few years back. This time Glendale wasn't as nice as they were preparing for a Beer and Food festival, and for me the pub food wasn't as good as it normally is - the chips were burnt. This old fire engine was sitting next to the railroad tracks. It's one of the few photos I got from Glendale this time. By the way, Glendale's fire engines are black. In Spain they're only red. What colour are your fire engines?
Another day we went to cross the Purple People Bridge between Ohio and Kentucky. This street painting was in Newport on the Levee. Do you see the man standing by the horse and barrels of Guinness? There was a praying mantis on the man's coat sleeve. The little fellow was almost invisible, but I managed to post him on Facebook.
After a late lunch, we went for a walk in the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park. This mirrored structure was like a house of mirrors. I took a photo of me in different forms inside it. However, it's one of my 'artistic' photos that I'm not including.
Finally a photo where I'm not wearing a jacket! Although the webpage says the park was finished in 2003, this was as far as we could go. The rest was blocked off and under some type of construction. I jokingly said that my sister and I got in the way of the photo my brother-in-law was taking. He loves trains and magazines about them.
This lovely flower with the river in the background is the last one I'm sharing. When we started our walk, there were some clouds. Just look at the sky now!

Last but not least, I have a confession to make. Earlier I complained about burnt chips. Well, I made some of my usually delicious rolls and burnt the heck out of them! I just blamed it on my sister's oven and the fact that's it's in Fahrenheit. Anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading my post and that your week is a good one. Oh, no! Back to normal!



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family! I love the pictures!

  2. Back to "normal" for me tomorrow. I have enjoyed my time off, and just wish our time in Ohio over-lapped so we could meet in person!!