Sunday, 5 October 2014

Feet and Feathers

Not a lot going on around me as I've just started classes again, and I've already seen how many of our holidays fall on a Saturday this course. Well, for the people who work on Saturdays that's good news, and here's some other good news I have to share.

The most talked about item the week I got back was the arrest of the 'paedophile of Cuidad Lineal'. Cuidad Lineal is an area of Madrid just crossing the bridge from where I live where this monster kidnapped and raped very young children. I'm sure I'd mentioned in another blog that one of his victims was a 6-year-old Chinese girl who spent nearly a month in hospital recovering from her physical wounds. He drugged all his victims (except the last one) and bathed them before leaving them near an underground station or a place where they would be found. This sicko is still not convinced that the police have any evidence against him. I just pray that one way or another he's punished. He's a violent criminal who needs taking down. I really wish they'd change the existing laws so people like him spend the rest of their days behind bars. At least for now he's off the streets.

The new English academy directed by my friend Chris is up and running in the area. Little by little, the word will get out that Briam, now under the name of Briam A+, is back in the neighbourhood, so I hope they do well. Our friend Cathy is also working here as her contract wasn't renewed at the school she worked at due to lack of students - very unfortunate for the higher level classes as she was the only native teacher there.

This is my feet and feathers (everything) for this week. The chicken is one of my brother-in-law's. She kind of blends into the driveway there. He has all kinds of different chickens and at least one with green legs and feet. Hope everyone's week is a good one.



  1. Good to get your news. I'm trying to catch up with blogs today!

  2. What great news that they have caught this monster! Keep us updated on how his trial goes. Wishing your friend Chris much success in his new academy! Your brother in-law's chicken does blend into the driveway! Did you take this photo when you were in Kentucky? Have a wonderful rest of the week, Brenda!

  3. No, it's near Cincinnati where I stay with my sister and family.