Sunday, 26 October 2014

Verotoño and Chocolate

I posted on my facebook page the other day that I'd learnt a new word in Spanish - a combination of the word for summer 'verano' and 'otoño' for autumn. Of course, it hasn't made it into the Royal Academy Dictionary yet. It does, however, describe the kind of weather we've been having most of this month, which is more summer than fall.

To fully understand how warm it's been (unless you come for a visit), on Tuesday morning I went to our version of 'Harrod's'. Unless I'm in a hurry, I always walk there, because it's only two stops on the underground. Going was fine wearing my light jacket, but coming back I was sweating. It didn't help that the jacket was lined with that silky material. One of my Spanish friends the other day was saying how it had been so mild in her village up North that all the good wild mushrooms were full of worms. There are certainly enough insects out here. Surely the temperatures will go down to normal for this time of the year soon. It's great not having to put on the heating though.

Today we got an extra hour in bed, and our Sunday will have 25 hours. I woke up the time I usually do wondering why it was so quiet outside. As much as I enjoy having that extra hour (who doesn't?), I wish they'd just leave the time alone. I remember how my dog always told me when her internal clock told her it was time to go out. It must be as confusing for animals as it is annoying for some of us.

As I'm the social secretary for my group of friends, I've booked an Indian restaurant to celebrate our friend Chris's birthday, which falls on Halloween, but she'll be away then, so we're celebrating this week. I also have to make her two cakes to take to her work on Thursday. Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, it'll be a busy week for me. How about you?

The photo I'm sharing this week is of the Spanish hot chocolate I made last night. In case you're not familiar with this type of hot chocolate, it's a thick chocolate that people traditionally dip churros or porras into as these are just like unsweetened doughnuts fried in a lot of oil. 

I know some of you will have had a busy weekend, and I look forward to sharing your doings. Wishing you a good last week of October and hope Halloween isn't too scary.


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  1. I am familiar with churros and think they would taste delicious dipped in that yummy thick chocolate! The weather is a little crazy here, too. I'm ready for it to settle into winter (for Florida). Wishing you a good week - hope you get the cakes baked and all goes well!.