Sunday, 1 February 2015

Blog About Nothing in Particular

As you'll see, I don't have a lot of news to write about. I certainly don't have anything of great importance, which can be a good thing I hope.

However, the other day one of my friends on facebook posted a video of potters making beautifully etched vases and bowls and I was reminded of this beautiful example that I've had since one of my first years of teaching in my old institute. It was a present from one of my classes - either for Christmas or my birthday. In those days, students were generous with their gifts to teachers. Although I'm trying to downsize and get rid of things that just take up space, this is one of those items that I'm still in love with.

This weekend has been a bit of a fiasco in the way of sorting through papers and documents (one of my main goals) since this is my weekend to spend time ironing; a chore that must always be done accompanied by music. I tuned in to my favourites on YouTube even though there are quite a few speaking videos in my list. Two of my favourites that I listened to was from a Spanish singer who was popular during the 'Movida MadrileƱa' (I'd be interested as to how the translator translates this, because it's a movement which is extremely difficult to explain, and I've never looked for it in wikipedia). The other song is one I imagine some of you will remember: Air Supply's Lost in Love. Of course, I had to watch one of Mrs Brown's Boys' skits. I laugh so much with Mrs Brown.

For those of you who read my post from last week, you'll remember about a message that was sent in my group on WhatsApp by one of our friends concerning an ingredient called fenipropalamina (with a 'ph' in English instead of the 'f'). I finally looked for information about it and discovered, just as I suspected, that it was all a hoax. Why do people enjoy inventing these things to scare us? I did read an article on Yahoo involving salmonella and what the FDA can and can't do. Now that's scary!

I haven't been out today, but I know the wind from the north is making it colder than what the temperature says it is. People are still sick here, and that's that the rain and wind has cleared the air of pollution.

I've seen a couple of new posts on my feed and want to welcome back those of you who've been away or haven't posted recently. And I do hope everyone has a wonderful week. February's here!  



  1. I like the etched pot, very nice. Have a great week1

  2. I just went out to gather firewood for the night and feed the deer-and we have some very strong winds too-I have a stack of papers to go thought as well for taxes.
    enjoy your new week

  3. That is a lovely work of art, and certainly worthy of a place of honor. I enjoyed your post. Glad you had a quieter weekend!!

  4. Oh I love that pot. I know what you mean about downsizing the belongings, but that is definitely one to keep. Its freezing here, very cold. My sister and my mum have just spent 8 days in Southern Spain and they were saying how pleasantly warm it is there. Its very cold here just now..... Brrrrrrrrrrrr