Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Cold and A Cold

Most of you know that I've been teaching English as a foreign language for quite a few years. For most students, the articles (if you remember those), especially the definite article, are confusing. The cold wasn't too bad last week, but I got a bad cold.

When was the last time you suffered from a cold? Until recently I'd have answered 'I can't remember or I never get colds'. It's really funny, because I'm reading an Odd Thomas novel (Dean Koontz) in which he says the only thing he's ever passed to a person through touch was a head cold, which is exactly what I have. I have a cough, which is like a tickle and affects me mostly at night. Years ago one of my students told me his mother put a cut onion near his bed at night to stop coughing. I tried it, as I believe in trying folk cures, but I coughed the night away. I was able to smell the onion though, which was something. Now I think I'm on the mend - no thanks to breathing in the onion.
As I've been eating mostly soups and fruit, because I haven't been hungry but have needed to replace all the liquids my body has lost, I'm hoping tomorrow I can eat something more solid. Saying that, however, I haven't fancied coffee this past week, so that's one liquid I haven't indulged in too much.

So our weather hasn't been nearly as bad as some parts of the US. There has been more snow in the mountains and the rivers have overflowed their banks in some parts of the country. One of my cousins posted on facebook that it had been -22ยบ F in Harrison County, Kentucky. Even my university was closed for the whole week. I remember falling on the icy pavements there in winter, but classes never got cancelled because of weather conditions. Thankfully we're probably in the low 50´s now with plenty of sun for a change.

Before I call it quits for this week, I want to share a photo of my oldest nephew. He celebrated his birthday yesterday. He's the only one who was born in my family while I was still living in the US. As a matter of fact, I was at university when he was born. He was the sweetest baby I'd ever seen. He always woke up smiling. Thanks to my sister, his mother, for posting so many photos of him on facebook.
A boring post, I know. I don't suppose you want to hear me complain about telemarketers. The other day, the same number called me 6 times - 4 of which I was at home for. I always look on the internet to see if the number has been reported as spam or a fraud. Unfortunately, we don't have the no-call option here, at least not yet. I know it's too much to ask for them to not call again starting tomorrow.

I just saw that one of my friends who lives in southern Spain has posted a photo of her first daffodil, so hang on spring is on its way. Have a good week all.



  1. Wishing you a good week, Brenda! Hope that head cold is about over. I have started using honey for coughs. Let a spoonful "melt" in your mouth, then swallow slowly. Your nephew was a beautiful child!! Those dimples are to die for! LOL

  2. Yes spring is on the way, my snowdrops are in full flower and my daffs are up but not flowering. Its like the garden is saying, hang on it wont be long now :-) Ohhh do hope you feel bit better soon, head colds make you feel so misrable. I almost don't want to write this in case I jinx things but I've not been ill at all this winter. I think my secret must be, for the first time, I have taken one tablet of echinacea every marning through out the winter. I always have eaten lots of fresh food so I've not had a change in diet the only thing thats changed this year is the echinacea so it must be that. Plus of course I do make a consious effort to stay away from people who have coughs and colds, but I realise thats much easier when you don't have to work. Really hope you feel better soon.

  3. hope your cold goes away soon-those are no fun at all and can really make one tired too-I am sooo ready for spring this year