Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Long and the Short of It

I'm one of those people who love trivia. Although I'm not a gamer, I've always enjoyed Trivial Pursuit. The other day I learned which was the shortest street in Madrid, and it's not this one. This is the longest - Alcalá Street, and this I've known for a long time.

The photo was taken nearly 5 years ago by my nephew when he came to visit. This was the year that Spain won the Soccer World Cup, but let's leave all the FIFA scandals out of this. Actually the building in the photo is located at number 39 of Alcalá, I think, and, on the right, a bit of the Alcalá Gate can be seen. I'm not exactly sure how many numbers the street has, as part of it used to be called Aragón Avenue. It must have 500 and then some, because I live near something like number 211 of Alcalá.

And here's the shortest street - about 20 metres in length:

It's called 'lance breaker' in English, and is on the corner of one of the most commercial streets in the Puerta del Sol area. There are lots of funny names for streets like Globe or Ball Street, Fish Street, etc. Again Rompelanzas is near our old institute that now has an updated version of the same institute in one of the same buildings.

Today I can say that I've done almost nothing. Later on, I'll probably be sifting through more books, papers and things to get rid of. Yesterday I went to a crafts fair in the home of one of the two-beez. Look at the lovely awning, made from scarves, that they put together to keep the garage cooler.
This photo was taken just as they were getting ready to open to the public. I went before anyone else showed up, because I knew later on in the day it would be blazing hot. It was and is even hotter today. Summer has returned to stay I suppose. That means gazpacho weather for me.

Here's something I bought. Can you guess what it is, besides a champagne cork?
So this is the long and short of it for this week. Happy Father's Day and also a happy week for everyone.


  1. enjoyed learning about the streets-and love the scarf idea for a little ceiling-nice idea. I have no idea about the champagne cork

  2. I saw the cork on FB and know the answer, so won't give it away here!! Interesting about the longest and shortest streets. I've never even thought of what might be the shortest street here in Lakeland. There are lots of 'dead-end' streets, but I've never looked for one that would be the shortest. Hmmmm.....

    Have a good week, Brenda!!

  3. ohh you posted this ages ago, So now its not a secret any more.....whats the significance of the cork??