Sunday, 7 June 2015

Summer Couldn't Wait

And so summer begins unofficially! It just couldn't wait until the 40th of May! I assume that means we're in for a hot time. My place is still relatively cool no thanks to me. I opened all the windows too early last night hoping some nice cool breezes would come through like they did the night before. I wasn't worried about the noise from people in the street after the bullfights, because I wasn't watching TV or trying to concentrate or sleep. Sleep is something I can do with the windows closed or after everyone finally decides to go home. Anyway, I can't believe how much hot air came in the little time I had the windows open. I'll bet the street was cooler with my windows open though.

Yesterday was our monthly get together, but some of us will be going to one of our friends' house for a housewarming party next weekend. This was my first time in the new old place where we almost always go for our lunches. I don't know if you remember that the family that owns and operates the bar decided to retire and rent it out. The food was nice and well-presented - a bit more expensive mind you. The service was good, maybe since we were the only ones in the restaurant part. I took a photo of my main course which was lamb chops with fries and padrón peppers. Padrón peppers are small peppers and every so often you'll get one that's hot. I didn't this time. I think one of the peppers looks like a mouse's tail peaking out from under the chops. For starters we had either salad or gazpacho. Gazpacho for me is a staple in hot weather, so that was my choice. We were told to put in requests for what we'd like to eat in future, so I'll be the one to stop by and tell them. After all, I live just round the corner.

True to my promise, I went this morning to give one of my students a preparation class for his school exam. I couldn't believe how much English he spoke without me saying 'In English, please!' I hope he does okay on the exam. The material and vocabulary isn't too difficult. Poor kid was scratching the whole time. He had mosquito bites everywhere and made me itch too out of sympathy I hope.

Other than stay out of the heat, go out with friends and the usual things we have to do, I've been sorting out teaching material that is useful and throwing out lots of old stuff. I took a few things to the paper bank when I went out this morning. I may sort through a few more things today, but will hold off throwing them away until tomorrow. All the motorcycles parked obstructing the containers makes it difficult to throw away glass and paper. Thankfully today is the last day of daily bullfights. There will still be some and concerts and other noisemakers in the bullring. The bullring, for your information, is where the Beatles performed their first concert in Madrid. AC/DC gave two concerts here last week, but not in the bullring, of course.

That about does it for me. Hope everyone has had a good first week of June. Enjoy the second week too.



  1. The meal looks good, Brenda. I would enjoy the hot pepper... How nice that the restaurant will cook a meal to order for you and your friends. That's pretty amazing and not something we would find here. Glad the bullfights are about over so some of the noise and crowds will go away. Good to catch up on your news!!

    1. Yes, i'm glad we no longer have fights every day. I was actually able to go to bed at a 'decent' time for me and sleep.

  2. A nice catch up, and your meal does look delicious-nice that they will cook dishes for you too

  3. wish I could have bought some of that sunshine and warmth back with me. Yesterday I was sitting in 30 degrees, and now I'm back home in Scotland watching the rain fall on the windows and thinking about turning the heating on. But good to know your weather is good, enjoy it while it lasts :-)