Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunny Sunday

I`ve just finished viewing the Post Secret postcards for this Sunday, which after several years is still something I enjoy doing on a Sunday. I remembered this particular one from a while back – one that I liked enough to save. At the moment I’m reading a Christopher Smith series called ‘Bullied’. I always hope and pray that the children in my family never have to suffer from bullying. I’m continually appalled by hurtful things people say to and about people they don’t even know on the internet. Then I read comments by those who claim to live in the land of the free and wonder why everyone doesn’t have an equal right to express their opinions. On Facebook I see a lot of political posts from some of my contacts and steer clear of those.

 Anyway, I best get a move on. Since now it’s cool enough to use the oven, I’m going to make a Shepherd’s Pie. I don’t follow a recipe. It’s just leftover meat, usually with carrots and peas, a bit of gravy and mashed potatoes on top. This will be dinner tonight and probably lunch tomorrow. A good way to begin the week, don’t you think?


  1. Yum to the Shepherd's Pie. Enjoy!

  2. Bullying doesn't stop at the school gates, my friend was bullied at work by work colleagues and she eventually resigned from her job. Bullies always seem to know who to pick on, they target the vulnerable.............its hard to know what to do about it sometimes,, complaining doesn't work, bullying is insidious and difficult to prove.

  3. Bullying sickens me. It is a huge problem in this world and I am glad that more attention is being paid to it. I think years ago, people just told the victim, "don't pay attention to them" and society just blew it off like it was not a big deal. I'm glad it is taken more serious now.

    I'm tired of the political rants on Facebook. I remember there was a time when we respected the fact that you let your voice be heard in the voting booth, you didn't have all these political opinions thrown at you. I think it's funny that people think they are going to change someone's mind when it comes to the election. It's the only reason I can think of that people keep posting political stuff on facebook.

    My son and husband love Shepherd Pie! It's one of their favorite comfort foods:-)

  4. I would love to know where to find the Secret Postcards. I've seen this on your site at Multiply a couple of times and am fascinated by the idea. Do you mind giving me the address? Wish I could have a taste of your Shepherd Pie as well!