Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Last Post (Multiply)

My reason for posting again on a site that is virtually a ghost town is quite simple. You see, today marks my 5th anniversary on multiply, a sad one obviously. The title is from that of a novella used years ago at the intermediate level in the language school where I worked until it closed. It tells the depressing story of a postman who wins a lot of money on the lottery only to be knocked off his bike and killed on his last day of work. I hated that story, and I hate the fact that a place where I’ve been happy to come to, a place that’s come to feel like home, will soon be gone.

I suppose I’ll always have bittersweet memories of my multiply experience, as long as I have a memory anyway. I remember how we were made to feel welcome and a tool to import our posts from Y360 was provided by the multiply staff and not Yahoo. I even participated in a ‘Multiply Appreciation Week’. Although I chose not to export these particular posts to Blogger, I’ve decided Blogger will be my main blog site and have managed to save the bulk of my posts and recipes to there. So I’ll say it has been nice sharing lives and experiences, and I say this especially to those I may never meet again in my travels around the internet. Then again I may! I hope everyone finds a place they like. As we say in Spain, ‘Hasta siempre’ or until we meet again.

P.S. This was the post that I’d prepared for yesterday, the 22nd. Since things sometimes disappear before I’m able to post them, I usually type them on the computer first. Yesterday, MP was down for me all day and until about 4.30 pm (my time) today. Anyway, although this will be my last post, I’ll continue stopping by for as long as the powers thar be permit.


  1. A very nice send off from Multiply! I miss Multiply so much but I do feel happy with my new home here on blogger. I'm so happy that you have chosen to make this your new blogging home! I look forward to reading your posts and enjoying what life sends our way!

  2. Brenda, I am so glad that you moved to Blogger!! I really miss Multiply, and there are a few friends that stayed who I still miss. I hope a few more move over to Blogger. I was on Multiply for about five years, too. Strong friendships were formed over those five years. Again - I'm glad you are here!!

  3. I also have an account on ipernity, and people like Lanie I see on facebook, so I'm still in contact with quite a few. I suppose there's no place like home though I like it here too, which is why this is where I'll be blogging, not every day because I haven't always got time, but hopefully more regularly.

  4. I did my farewell Multiply post a while,back... its a sort of bitter sweet experience. Like you said, we had some great times there, shame it had to end so badly.