Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rain, Rain and Nothing Much Else

Have you ever had one of those weeks in which nothing of importance or interest happens? I didn't arrive an hour early any place or cause a scene that I'm aware of. One of the neighbours, who I suppose isn't speaking to some of us or maybe just me, held the door for me yesterday because I had two bags of shopping and an umbrella. I thanked her (for not letting the door slam in my face). The joys of living in a block of flats! I suppose living in a house with other houses close by could also be problematic. I intend to continue greeting her whenever I see her just to bother her and demonstrate that my mother taught me manners. She's always been a bitter person, so her attitude doesn't surprise me.

While I was wondering what photo to post for my boring blog, I read a funny news item about the police being called to an apartment in Sweden late at night to check out a loud disturbance. They encountered an extremely angry couple, who were cursing loudly and throwing around bits of furniture, and their baby, who had been woken up by the noise and who was screaming. Yes, the frustrated pair were trying to put together a piece of furniture they'd bought in IKEA.

I just wonder how long they'd tried to put their piece of furniture together. Years ago I wanted something for all the videos I had and saw in a catalogue the answer. It was like an open bookcase that revolved so you could use both sides and still see all that the videos you had. I tried all afternoon one day to put it together, and, after it fell apart the 100th time, I decided to give up. I'm usually patient and don't give up easily, but this time I did. Finally a friend was able to, with much difficulty, get it put together. It came only with photos, which were obviously not in the correct order, and different types of 'screws' for the planks of wood - wooden ones and metal ones. I have this piece of furniture to this day. It's where I keep a lot of my course books and too many papers. It's covered up for this reason, and also for the gaps that there are in the sides due to different screw types and lengths. I know this is the example IKEA uses for their furniture! They should declare 'how not to assemble your furniture'.

We've had a rainy weekend, especially today when it hasn't stopped yet. Not only is it raining, but it's cold and I have some clothes drying over the radiator. It's funny that we're further south and it's warmer in Edinburgh and Helsinki today (and yesterday). I have no plans to go out today. I do have some paper and a box from Amazon I need to take to a paper bank. However, with the street cleaners' strike, the banks are overflowing. Thankfully in my area, things aren't as bad as some in which cars have been burnt along with the containers.

Here's hoping everyone has a good week. I don't know about you. I, for one, don't need for exciting things to happen as long as bad things don't. Happy new week!



  1. Thank goodness the street cleaners' strike has finished. Now we'll have to pay the half million euros it has cost us!

  2. You are absolutely right - bring on anything but bad. I've had a time putting furniture together, too, but have found the IKEA instructions to be much better than some others!! Glad your friend was able to get your shelf put together for you! Wishing you a good week!