Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Year Younger

Although yesterday was officially my birthday, I celebrated it at the restaurant of my choice - a Greek - on Thursday evening. We enjoyed a lovely time together, and, after telling my friend Judy that I wasn't going to share the moussaka with her because they'd downsized it the last time we were there, I had to force myself to finish it since the portion was again bigger. I imagined that Judy would give me some cologne and a necklace, and I wasn't disappointed. I got 3 small bottles of Adidas for Women eau de toilette and a very unusual cotton necklace from her. I know some people don't like cloying perfumes and neither do I, which is why I always spray on just a small amount. My neighbour bathes in it I think. I  hate having to be near her whenever she's wearing whatever it is she wears. At least one of the gifts I was given, I'll have to re-gift. It's something that I won't use, and honestly I'm trying to get rid of things like that, things that are too big and that I don't find useful or it's not something I'll wear or use up quickly.

Despite enjoying a good meal and good friends who gave me some nice things, it was an accidental birthday. I've stated before that I'm the official, I suppose self-appointed, social secretary for my group of friends. I'm usually the one who books the restaurants. First of all, when I booked the table I forgot to include myself, so we were kind of squashed on one side. The restaurant offered us a bigger table, but I liked the table we were given. The next part is a bit of good luck. As I had quite a few bags, and none of them were plastic, I put the gift bottle of wine and its carrier into a bigger bag. Just as I got into my building, the bottom fell out of this bag and out tumbled everything. Luckily, the bottle of wine didn't break. Yesterday, my actual birthday, I woke up with a bad stomach. I started feeling not so great on Friday evening. Touch wood, today I seem to be okay.
And this was my birthday. In case you can't guess who's in the photo, it's me in the third grade. My sister posted this and a couple more on facebook. She's the social secretary for our family. I like this photo, because I was wearing one of my favourite dresses.

I know everyone who celebrates it is looking forward to Thanksgiving. We'll have one more long weekend in December and then Christmas. Like most, I'm looking forward to the holidays. Have a good week and a thankful Thanksgiving.


  1. Brenda, that is a very cute picture of you, in third grade, and isn't it funny how we had a favorite dress that we still remember? I don't have a picture of my favorite dress, but it was in second grade - bright red with white trim and a bubble hem. LOL Not something I would even consider wearing today!

    So sorry I missed your birthday on Facebook. I was under the weather Friday and just didn't get caught up on the social networks yesterday. My bad. I'm glad you had a good celebration with friends, even if it was a bit crowded at the table. Too bad you had to book the party for your own birthday, though!

    I can't stand being near women (or men) who bathe in perfume. It gives me terrible headaches. Some people leave behind a stink that lasts for hours. It's terrible. Perfume is to be subtle and something you don't notice until you get close.

    Wishing you a good week, and I know your thoughts will be with family and friends on Thanksgiving!!

  2. Thanks, Terri. I remember my second grade photo too and the dress I wore was one made by my mother. It had pencils, letters and mathematical equations on it.