Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Shower Brings Dirty Windows

At the beginning of this year I was talking about a building which had been taken over by squatters. About 15 years ago when I was looking for a flat to buy, I looked at a small flat in the building on the right of the red building where the squatters have been living until the other day when they were finally evicted. I have no idea whether all of the many tonnes of rubbish and filth have been taken away, but I seriously doubt it. The interior of the building is completely destroyed.

Here's another photo I took. You can see some of the windows are open even though it was January.

Sad. What was going to be a block of luxury flats was turned into a block of pig sties when the constructor ran out of money. Can you imagine living in these conditions? Apparently there is still one 90-year old occupant in the building. She's probably one of those who pays what is called 'renta antigua' or a very low rent. It's good that the squatters have gone but where have they gone to? At least the neighbours from the adjacent buildings can actually open their windows without getting putrid smells and insects in their houses.

Yesterday was my first official holiday of Easter week. The only thing I did apart from a load of laundry and the shopping was nothing. Well, I finished reading a novel and wrote the review for Goodreads. Today, however, I've decided I have to clean out the fridge. We had a bit of a storm with some distant thunder and quite a bit of hail yesterday afternoon, so my windows are dirtier than ever. I'll hold off on cleaning them, because we usually have weird weather at Easter. So far the temperatures are nice. As a matter of fact, it's been a long time since we've had such mild weather in April.

I don't have any special plans for the holidays except the usual spring cleaning. I hope the weather permits the processions to leave the churches as I always like to see them. Hope everybody gets some time off to enjoy Easter too.


  1. good morning, enjoy your time off from work

  2. Hi Brenda! I am late getting around to posts, but am happy to have a couple of minutes to comment here! I am so glad those unsavory folks are gone now! What a shame to have that right next door!

    I get next Monday off, for the Easter holiday. We can use a floating holiday for Good Friday, but I plan to work. I like to use my floating holiday at Christmas time. I think the processions must be wonderful to see. They don't do them here anymore. I think some of the more northern areas have processions on specific feast days. I know I got to see one for St. Monica when I was in Philadelphia at the right time. So nice.

    Hope the weather holds and is nice for you this week!! Enjoy your time off!

  3. Yes, I feel lucky that I didn't take the flat next door to the building, thanks to the cooking smells from the bar upstairs!