Sunday, 27 April 2014

Colour and Black and White

Back in December I shared this piece of art that a friend was kind enough to gift me. I must say it's one of the most beautiful personalized presents I've ever received and it looks ever so nice hanging on the wall of my 'office'. Sorry about the slant of the photo, but it was one of the ways I thought up so as not to get too much reflection on the glass. I've never pretended to be a good photographer, although sometimes I surprise myself. Okay, maybe I've taken one very good shot.

I love looking at old black and white photos and was thrilled to find some old photos in a cupboard of the language institute I was helping to clean out. You may remember me sharing some of those this past summer. Here's one from 1974 just before the M-30 road was built in Madrid.
I lived (and still live) near this road, and in the summer used to go and sit in the park that was behind my house and watch cars go by and throw the ball for my dog Honey. Once I accidentally threw the ball over the fence that separated the park from the road. Honey barked and barked and wouldn't leave until I found a hole in the fence and plowed through the weeds to fetch her ball. Of course, I didn't go unnoticed, because one of my colleagues asked me the next day if she hadn't seen me walking along the M-30. Now I'd probably get caught on a camera.

Surprisingly our first week back after the holidays went by quickly. Not until Friday did I realize that Thursday and Friday of this week beginning tomorrow are holidays: May Day and the second of May, which is only a holiday in Madrid capital, so yippee!

The sun is out today, but it's still not as warm as it was during Easter. Thursday it rained most of the day, and again on Friday we had another accidental shower. I think a cloud came by and wet the street a bit yesterday evening too. At the moment, my hands are a little cold, but I'll be fine once I get up and start doing things. Anyway, I don't have any special plans for the long weekend.

Hope everyone has had a good week and that the next one is even better!


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  1. I commented on this piece of art on your FB page. It is truly lovely. I would like to see it in person and study it more. Very nice, indeed!

    Great story about chasing the ball through the fence! Nice that you have a short week ahead. I wish the USA would celebrate more holidays, like you do in Europe!! Have a great week, Brenda!