Sunday, 6 April 2014

Water Off A Duck's Back

The week that is about to end, our first week of having the clocks moved forward, has been one of contrasts. We had a short, but intense, rain shower on Monday afternoon. I was one of the lucky ones who had an umbrella. Then on Tuesday it rained all day long. Our weather on Wednesday afternoon was an even stronger rain shower with some hail. For this mini storm I was safely inside. Yesterday it tried to rain but didn't quite make it. At the moment we have pleasant temperatures and a cloud passes over the sun just about every minute.

 My photo is one taken several years ago, and one I had posted on my page on Multiply, from one of my favourite parks where my dogs and I used to go. My dog Honey and I lived behind the park, and then so did Zara and I until we moved. I live much nearer the bullring now but still near this wonderful park. The other night my friend Chris and I were moaning about the problems we'll have once the bullfighting season starts. Hers will be difficulty in finding a parking space, and mine will be the noise and moving around all the crowds. Honestly I understand people who live in touristy places when all the crowds descend. I hope my choice of a title becomes clear with my next photo. It's one of the many great photos that comes from:

It was taken this week of the famous Cibeles Fountain by the owner of the website. It was taken   on one of the nights when it had been raining in Madrid. The fountain is lit up in blue for the Autism Awareness Day that was celebrated internationally. I know I've mentioned before that this is the place where Real Madrid FC come when they win an important title. 

The story that I'm going to tell involving this emblematic fountain is a funny one - one that  I can't believe I haven't mentioned before, and was only reminded of it recently when a car crashed into an underground (subway) station completely destroying the entrance. Fortunately this happened in the wee hours of the night when the station was closed and no one was injured, although I think it took the fire brigade a while to get the (drunk) driver out. In the case of the incident involving the fountain, it happened during my Christmas holidays also late at night. After driving his car into the Cibeles Fountain this particular drunk driver got out and hailed a taxi home. All the way to the guy's house they were laughing about the idiot who'd driven his car into the fountain. The taxi driver was surprised when they arrived at the guy's house and the police were waiting. That's when the taxi driver discovered the back seat of his taxi was soaking wet. Okay, maybe in this case it's water off a duck's butt!

This is me finished for today. I'm so looking forward to the holidays that start on Saturday for me. It has been a long long term! Hope everyone has a good week.


  1. Happy holiday coming up!! I enjoyed your story, and the two photos. Multiply seems like so long ago! As we have agreed before, I too know about tourists and fighting through the crowds, though ours is a little more spread out than yours, with bull fighting season. I'm looking forward to hearing about how it goes for you. Will you travel during your break?

  2. No, I love staying in Madrid at Easter.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful photo! I love how the ducks seem so peaceful. I wish the park near where I live offered that kind of serenity as well. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that no one was injured by both the drunk driving incidents you mentioned. Though I have to admit that the anecdote really made me laugh. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim Hunter