Sunday, 1 June 2014

Peas, Please

Although yesterday wasn't the first of the month, my friends and I got together for a later than usual lunch. As a matter of fact, I think Chris and Penny didn't arrive until after 4 p.m., by which time I was famished and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. My photo shows some peas and ham (serrano) that I'd made, but this was one of the items on the menu and which everybody asked for except June; she had gazpacho. Then most of us asked for pork shoulder, which is sliced thin and sprinkled with sweet paprika, the kind that's not hot, and then fried. I think maybe I left a chip or two, but ate everything else on my plate!

It was great to meet our friend Judy's only sister. She loves the food here as does everyone who visits. Poor Anne has had her share of tragedy. First she loses her husband to cancer, and last January, while Judy and her husband were there visiting, there was a fire on her floor of the condo where she lives. Until the damage is repaired no one can live in the building, so she's been staying with her son, daughter-in-law, two grandchilren, 4 cats and a dog. No wonder she finds it peaceful and relaxing here! Next week they'll be going to Rome.

As you know, I love old black and white photos. This particular one is of the Plaza Mayor that some translate as the old square and is from 1930. It wasn't always called the Plaza Mayor. At one time it was called the Royal Square, among others. Not only has the name changed but its appearance. I use the modern version as my cover on facebook.

I'm going out in a few minutes to throw away some paper and to distribute some propaganda for my friend's language school. I hope everybody has a good week. 


  1. I forgot to mention the old photo is from 1930.

  2. The peas and ham look good, Brenda. Do you have a special recipe for it, or just saute them together? Any special seasoning? The pork sounds delicious, too.

    Great B&W photo. Hope Anne enjoys Rome!! I would have to have a snack at lunchtime, before an early dinner like you have with your friends. Too bad Chris and Penny can't get there earlier!!

    Wishing you a good week!!

  3. The peas and ham are done together and the only seasoning is a bit of oil in the pan. Because the ham is salty, I never add salt.