Sunday, 29 June 2014

Celebration Week

When I was younger, I always used to sunbathe, and, despite my pale skin, by summer's end I had quite a nice tan. I remember those of us who got Tuesday and Thursday afternoons off from work during the summer months (a real luxury) went directly to the swimming pool. This was a sports centre that had 3 separate swimming pools that we went to - one for women, one for men and one for families. We, of course, went to the women's as it was quieter. At this swimming pool, you weren't permitted to untie your bikini top or let down your straps so as not to get a mark. Women guards with truncheons would smack you on the back if they saw you with your halter undone. I avoided getting hit by wearing a one-piece that I could tie around my neck or in a bow in the front, which is what I did. Now nobody in Spain thinks twice about topless bathers, and I try to keep my skin white.

Tuesday of this past week I awoke to helicopters flying around. The police had arrested a group of suspected Islamic terrorists in the neighbourhood just crossing the bridge from where I live and in the neighbourhood where my friend Cathy still lives. It's a typical workman's neighbourhood where it's easy to blend in. Years ago some ETA terrorists were discovered there. Then on Friday afternoon there was a neighbourhood meeting with the local police in the park where my friend takes her dog. A paedophile (pedophile, in American English) has kidnapped two young girls by drugging them and washing them after he's finished with them and releasing them in a different neighbourhood. The police think he's possibly using an uninhabited apartment in the area. I pray that the police catch this beast before anyone else is hurt. His last victim, a little Chinese girl, is still in hospital.The police had better catch him first and soon!

Moving on to happier news, I'm excited because on Tuesday my flat will be officially 100% mine and 0% of the bank's. It's the day that I'll no longer owe a mortgage. I don't have any special plans except the normal ones for the week - as per usual the Chinese on Thursday. On Saturday, however, we're going to have lunch at one of our favourite Spanish restaurants in the centre.

Touch wood our summer hasn't been too hot so far, and it's lovely to sleep with the windows open unless it's noisy in the street, which unfortunately is a problem in the summer. Today a couple stopped right in front of my living room windows to argue. Funny how the TV puts me to sleep, but voices in the street keep me awake.

Anyway, some of you are lucky to have a nice long weekend. Hope you enjoy it. 


  1. Love the old bathing 'dresses' in your photo. Good memories about the swimming pool and rules for proper sun bathing. Times sure have changed! Maybe not for the best, however! Scary stuff, having Islamic terrorists so close. I know they are everywhere now. We all need to be vigilant. Brenda, congratulations on the end of your mortgage!! I know that has to feel so good! I would love to be able to lift a glass with you, to help celebrate. Cheers!!

  2. I love the vintage photo of the women heading to the pool. It brought back memories of my mom. She would always wear a swimming cap in the pool! That is so scary that Islamic terrorists were in your area. Thank God they were arrested! We live in a sick sick world..I sure hope the police catch the pedophile and put him away for the rest of his life. Congrats on paying off your mortgage!!

  3. You are so right, Kris! And I know the police are really looking for this sicko. Today it was announced that the little Chinese girl was released from hospital. I feel so bad for her and the other little victim. Will they ever forget? Of course, I thinkof my little nieces and great-nieces and nephews.