Sunday, 22 June 2014

Palmy Sunday

Although the climate of Madrid isn't ideal for palm trees, look how many there were in 1927! There are still a few that I know of near the Palace Hotel, one of our 5-star hotels. There may be more in other parts of Madrid that I'm not familiar with.

Today I'm going to be brief as I really haven't done anything worth talking about and nothing exciting has happened in my life. We didn't even go out for our weekly Chinese dinner. One, because it was tipping down with rain, and two, we were quite comfortable at home. Thursday, which is our usual day to go out, was a holiday in Madrid and the day Prince Philip became King Philip VI. I chose that as permission to laze around. The only things I did in the flat were I washed a summer quilt and cleaned the bathroom.

I've finally got a new mobile phone. I had a strange experience on Amazon and have no idea how it happened. I was  looking at some offers (not that I was thinking about buying a phone from Amazon) when somehow I 'purchased' a nearly 400 euro phone. Actually it was the phone I'd planned on getting from my carrier, and I did, for 69 euros. It drove me crazy the first couple of days with updates. At least now I don't have to worry about not having enough space.

Have a good first week of summer and thanks for stopping by.


  1. You have a good first week of summer, too! Glad you got your new phone and that you are getting used to it. It always takes time to figure out the new workings. I'm still learning things about mine and I've had it a couple of months!

  2. Good morning, Brenda! Have fun with your new phone! What kind did you get? I bet you were shocked when you saw "purchased" on your computer I can't wait to upgrade my has been a great phone but it is becoming out of date. Take care and have a wonderful week!

  3. I got an LG G 2 32 MB. The LG G3 has a bigger screen, but a 5.2 inch screen is big enough, don't you think? I paid 59 euros instead of 69 too.