Sunday, 9 November 2014

Duvet's On The Bed!

Who would have guessed just a week ago when people were still sitting outside at night having dinner in restaurants that this week would be hurry up and put the winter quilt on the bed and put on the heat! Well, autumn has finally made an appearance, and it looks like it's here to stay for a while.

Most British people call this kind of quilt a continental quilt. It was one of my purchases when I went to England years ago. At that time nobody knew what they were in Spain. I've slept under electric blankets but much prefer a continental quilt, although maybe an electric blanket is easier to control. The continental quilt uses your body heat to keep you warm, so I've discovered wearing more clothes to bed doesn't make me so hot. I've managed to find a couple of covers for it that aren't too 'loud' as they tend to be sometimes. The only problem there is the company I got them from no longer exists.

Tomorrow is a holiday for most I suppose - not for me as I have class in the afternoon. I won't complain too much, because most of my friends work on Saturdays. The problem with this is when we have lunch together on Saturdays, like yesterday, it's always after 3 p.m. It was good to see our friend Judy who just got back from the US. Too bad she missed the verotoƱo, or all that lovely weather, here.

I have to share a funny story with you before I call it quits for this week. On Fridays, I sometimes have coffee with my friend Cielo. I saw she had some lovely roses and asked her who had bought them for her. She told me she'd bought them for herself and the two bunches of 8 of the small buds only cost 2 euros. That's 1 euro for 8 roses! I told her I'd seen a report on TV about this 'miracle' creme selling in the supermarket Lidl for 2 euros, and, of course, people were fighting to buy it. The supermarket was limiting 4 jars per customer. You can't imagine the number of people waiting for the supermaket to open! She laughed and said she saw the roses in the next shop when she'd stopped in at Lidl's to buy that creme. Sadly, but logically, the shelves were empty of the 'miracle' creme. If you find it, it's called Cien Q10. 

Hope you enjoyed my story and that you have a good week too.



  1. Your duvet looks very warm! Is the miracle cream really worth standing in line for? LOL I am always suspect about "miracles"!! Have a good week, Brenda!

  2. It was worth the visit to the supermaket for my friend, because she got some very cheap roses.

  3. Your duvet does look very warm and comfy! How are your winters? I just heard Michigan's upper peninsula is going to get 12-18 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow! We are actually getting a little warm up tomorrow. Good for your friend on getting such a great deal on roses! She might of loss out on the miracle cream but she will be enjoying the roses! Have a wonderful week, Brenda!

  4. cozy I have a feather blanket that came from Germany back in the early 70s it is very very thick of high quality and love it when it is really cold

    1. When I was little, I slept under what we called a feather tick as we didn't have heating at night until we were older. My quilt isn't made with feathers, but it sure keeps me warm.