Sunday, 30 November 2014

It's Coming! It's Coming!

Hope my talented sister Diana doesn't mind my using one of her photos. Yesterday she posted this and three other photos of her creations on facebook. I chose the first photo she posted, but let me assure you the other three lamps are just as lovely. She doesn't post a lot on facebook - just for birthdays and things she makes. I'm going to show one of my friends who has a lot of talent too what my sister has made. Yesterday afternoon, Chris and I went to a craft show hosted by Elvira, whose house it was in, and my friend Inma. Together, they call themselves two bee-z. They do a lot of beautiful work with wooden pallets - things I love, but which are a bit too big for my little place.

Before going to the craft show, we went out for our monthly lunch, and I got another birthday present. By the way, we had meatballs again. Wednesday evening was when I officially celebrated my birthday. It was a bit of a disaster for Chris, because she had an emergency meeting after work and didn't get to the restaurant until nearly 11 pm! Of course, we'd been there since 9.30, so we'd finished by the time she got there. Oh well, the dangers of having your own business.

Here's one of the presents I got at the restaurant. I know from looking at it you might think cologne (I got that too). That's what I thought at first was in the bottles. One of those lovely bottles contains oil and the other one vinegar. I received so many nice gifts, which I won't list in detail. One of them came from my sister Jackie. She sent a necklace with a stone that matches my ring. The necklace arrived a few minutes after another 'present'.

Don't they say bad things come in threes, it never rains but it pours, etc.? Not too long ago it was a short circuit and problems with the alarm. On Tuesday my printer stopped printing. The only thing it wanted to do was eat the paper. Now I'm pretty technically-minded and patient, so I tried and tried to get it working again. By Thursday, I'd decided the only solution was to get a new one, since it would almost certainly have cost more to have it repaired than to get a new one. That's the 'present' that arrived. I finally got a wifi printer!

Hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners. I can't believe it's coming, it's coming! Christmas is but a few weeks away. Hopefully next Monday I'll have off and can start some preparations. It must be so difficult for those who've been off work to face Monday. Hope it isn't as bad as you imagine and your week is even better.   

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  1. Not only will I be back to work tomorrow, after five wonderful days off, but it is the start of a new month, which means lots of extra accounting reports and sales taxes to file and pay, etc., etc. No skipping out for me this week.

    The lamp your sister made is wonderful. You see those at all the craft shows here, and you can buy the supplies to make them, at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. They are so festive!

    Nice birthday gift, the vinegar and oil!! Would make a nice hostess gift, too. I'll have to remember that! Wishing you a good week ahead, Brenda!