Sunday, 16 November 2014

Fireworks and Other Sparks

I know that November is a special month. After all it's my birth month, Thanksgiving for some and Guy Fawkes Night, which is where the fireworks come in or they should. Instead, I woke up during the night on Monday to sparks coming out of the wall near the fuse box. The show seemed to go on for a couple of minutes before it finally stopped.

To say last week was a difficult week for me is putting it mildly. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I'd had first the technician from the alarm company in as there was a conflict between the alarm and my internet connection. It's the second time they've been in to solve the problem between the alarm and the fiber optics connection. In the end, he put in a new alarm. That was Tuesday morning and the day it was raining buckets, so you can imagine between the repairs and the rain what my floors looked like.

 When the electrician came to fix my short circuit on Wednesday, I was already without lights in the living room and bedroom and this left me without a landline phone, internet and the bloomin' alarm. The alarm kept reminding me every so often that there was a failure. I was freezing, because last week was wet and cold and I couldn't put on the heating. I was shivering more from fear of how much the repairs were going to cost. At first, the electrician said I'd need a new box, which in the end he decided wasn't necessary after he'd repaired the burnt wires. Best of all, the repairs were free as I would only have to pay the materials. So for now I've got electricity, phone and internet. The bad part here is these aren't free.

Kris in a comment on my post last week asked about the winters in Madrid. I know this sounds strange given the dry summers with extremely low humidity levels, but I actually find the winters colder in Madrid than the ones I remember from Kentucky, and I think it's because the humidity goes up in the winter. At this moment we have 75% humidity that we'd almost never see in the summer. At least today we've got some sun mixed in with the clouds.

Hope next week I have more pleasant topics to write about. It would be wonderful if I always had exciting things to share, but that doesn't often happen. I know some of you think that what you have to say isn't interesting, so you stay away. I'm always happy to see when you've posted something. No matter how dull my week has been, I enjoy sitting down and writing about it.

Wishing everyone a pleasant week ahead. I know how busy some are going to be soon. 


  1. Shivering to think about not having heat for awhile or the high degree of humidity along with the cold. glad you had an electrician who wa sbale to simply repair the burned out wires.
    Life does have it's dreary days sometimes , here's hoping you have your share of sunshine soon. :)

  2. Oh my, Brenda, you have had a week!! Being cold is awful, because it really does go to the bone after awhile, and it seems you can just never warm up. High humidity with cold temps seems totally foreign to me, since our is just the opposite here (as you know). I"m glad all the shorts and wires and outages have been fixed, and I wish you a good week ahead!! Hugs!!!

  3. Oh Brenda you had one heck of sorry! You are lucky that a fire didn't start when it started sparking! Your summers sound so beautiful but it sounds like your winters aren't that fun. We got our first snow of the season today. I'm really not ready for winter. I hope you have fantastic deserve it!