Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Lights and Crowds

Every year I say the same thing! This is the last time I'm going to the centre at Christmas. As you may remember, I'm not a lover of crowds, and that's exactly what I found - people everywhere. I had to circle around to get into the building where I used to work as it was show time at our Macy's or Harrod's, better known as El Corte Inglés. 

I had lunch at the restaurant where we always used to celebrate Christmas with some colleagues who like me are no longer working there. I didn't talk to any of them a lot, because we usually just sit with the people that we're still in touch with, and to tell the truth I wasn't too keen on going but did so to support Chris and the institute that is continuing.

I don't know whose idea it was, but Chris, Judy and I started walking back home after the lunch to look at the Christmas lights, or so we said. We did see and appreciate a few, like the Gate of Alcalá (see photo) all lit up. The Town Hall, which is actually a palace that cost less money when it was built than my flat cost me, was lovely too. But oh, it was painful walking past so many who were also looking at and photographing the lights.

 In the end, Chris and I walked all the way home and Judy finally caught the underground. Chris and I live in the same area of Madrid which is about 5 kilometres from the centre. Wouldn't you know we saw an accident between a car that was stopped at the pedestrian crossing we were crossing at that moment and a motorbike. We think the motorcyclist ran into the back of the car. Luckily there was a traffic warden there, and we don't think the guy was badly hurt.

I was almost not going to the centre for another reason too yesterday. On Friday while I was making lunch, I suddenly felt sick and dizzy. I had the windows open a bit in the kitchen and the fumes from whatever they're doing in the basement were coming in. It smelled like the workmen were using some type of diesel machine from the smell and noise. I immediately thought that I could be getting intoxicated by carbon monoxide and closed the interior windows but opened the ones to the street. On Friday evening when I came back from class, I could still smell the fumes in the hall. I feel a lot better today. At lunch yesterday I drank no more than a glass of wine. Since I don't like cava (champagne to the French) I only took a token sip to toast Christmas.

Other than my trip to the centre, the only other thing I've done is make goodies and make goodies. I'm supposed to meet up with some Spanish friends later on. Hope it's not too late, because I have classes in the morning instead of the afternoon and have nothing much prepared for them.

Hope everyone is getting what needs doing before Christmas done. I, as always, am behind. Have a good week of Christmas and hope to see you on here or on Facebook.                                     


  1. sounds like a rough weekend-I don't enjoy big crowds of people either-bummer about the fumes-that is not a good thing inside your own home--you have a good christmas week too

  2. Wow.... glad to hear you are feeling better. That must have been scary, thinking your home was being filled with carbon monoxide!! Brenda, I don't like champagne either. A sip for the toast is all I can handle, and I've even had some of the real expensive stuff.... not different from a cheap one, to my taste!