Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cookin' Up a Storm

Or should I say cooking up a rain. Yesterday started our typical Christmas weather with rain most of the day and continuing into today. Anyway, I think I've got my goodie bags prepared for Wednesday evening, which will include that homemade body butter I made last week, homemade dressing mixes and/or buckeyes and these teacakes.

Yesterday my friend June and I went to a crafts fair. Boy, was it ever crowded at the time we arrived. It thinned out somewhat round the 'aperitif hour', so we were finally able to look at things and talk to the people we knew there. My friends from two bee-z (who made my Christmas tree) were thrilled that there was such a crowd. I can't say I bought a lot - a few gifts for some friends (reindeer pins) and the dragonflies hanging on my tree (not that they're very visible).
The three reindeer standing in front of the tree are on a Christmas card I got from my friend Sara. I almost gave her a card with three reindeer on it, and I bought three reindeer pins that I mentioned earlier.

I have two possibly three Christmas meals this week. One of them is in the centre of town which is always super crowded at this time of the year. You can tell I'm not fond of conglomerations of people, can't you?

As one of my friends says: I'm going to love you and leave you. Hope everyone has a pleasant almost Christmas week.


  1. What fun!! Three special outings this week! I'm with you on the crowds, though. I would rather stay home that fight crowds of people, no matter the occasion or season! The tea cakes are my absolute favorite Christmas cookie (the only time you see them)! I've only made them a couple of times, but that is the first cookie I grab off the plate when someone brings them around! Yum! Your friends are very lucky! :)