Sunday, 28 December 2014

Our Late Christmas Day Meal

You may not know this, but almost no one goes to bed early on Christmas Eve, which is one of the three big days at Christmas in Spain; the other two being New Year's Eve and the 6th of January when the Three Kings bring presents. Don't think that Santa isn't unknown here, because some lucky kids get presents from him too.

I calculate the time in the photo to be anywhere from 4.30 pm to 4.45. The turkey is just out of the oven. This is the chef, my friend June who I've known since I first came to Spain. I posted a photo of my rolls on Facebook, so I won't post those again. However, here's a photo of us last year and I seem to be showing off my rolls.
 With me: Jaime, June's brother-in-law; Jesse, June and Enrique's son; and Alicia, Jaime's wife and Enrique's sister. Jaime and Alicia's children Sergio and Laura didn't get in this photo. The photos from this year's meal seem to just be of us eating and not looking at the camera. Everything was delicious and I always go back for seconds as do others.

Needless to say, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. I laughed at the story about June and Alicia shopping. Alicia had a pair of pijamas hanging on her arm and was carrying several other things which she was going to buy. She paid for everything except the PJ's and they left the shop. As they were walking away to the car, Alicia suddenly saw the pijamas still hanging off her arm. She asked June what they should do and June said run. So they did. Funnily enough, they said good-by to the security guard in the shop and no alarms went off.

One of my gifts was a pair of pijamas that I don't think were stolen by accident. Pijamas and socks are among my favourite presents to receive and I got both. I love books too and won one in a Facebook group.The only thing I would change about the day or the meal is that Alicia 'carves' the turkey and she cuts it way too thick. I was thinking about getting June an electric knife for her birthday. That's what we always used to carve with.

Hope everyone enjoyed your Christmas as much as I. Have a good week and hope to talk to you before the new year.



  1. I always enjoy seeing photos with YOU in them!! Glad you had a good Christmas Day, with two more celebrations to come!! Hugs for a great new year, Brenda!

  2. sounds like a perfect Christmas-good food is always the best too

  3. We enjoyed Christmas here as well. The married kids didn't all make it on Christmas because of some little ones that were not feeling well so we had celebration New Years day with my son who couldn't come for Christmas and his wife and kids. it looks like you enjoy some nice family time. Have a wonderful year!