Sunday, 1 March 2015

Yum Yum Dumplings

One of my favourite dishes from my childhood has to be chicken and dumplings. Mom always made her own broth while I used the prepared kind, but the dumplings I made from scratch. With the leftover dough, I cut it into rounds and baked it in the oven. We know what I'll be having for lunch again tomorrow.

Those of you that I'm connected to on facebook already know that on Monday there was a moderate earthquake about 183 kilometres (115 miles) from Madrid. At the time I didn't feel it and probably should have, because I was in the street. Several buildings in a suburb of Madrid, where the former American Air Base is located, were badly damaged. I haven't heard of any in this area or other parts of Madrid that suffered damage. Of course, the buildings here aren't made to withstand earthquakes, and I think some of the more modern buildings aren't as well-constructed as the older ones. I heard that one of the buildings that suffered the most damage was only 14 years old.

 Oh, and another tree fell the other day and smashed a car. People were complaining that the Town Council hadn't acted, because the tree had been in a bad state for a long time. For once the Town Council is not to blame as the tree was obviously part of a block of flats' private garden. There have been rumours that they're thinking of closing Retiro Park when it's extremely windy. You may remember that in the summer a young father, who was in the park with his children, was killed when a heavy branch broke off and fell on him. His children were saved, because he was able to push them out of the way. I used to love sitting under a big tree in the summer near the motorway and watching cars in the Fuente del Berro Park.

Finally we're getting a bit of spring weather, which makes everyone want to be outside. By this time I usually have my heating turned on and most always wear two layers inside. I haven't turned on the heating yet and am only wearing one layer of clothing.

Here is my tribute to 'Spock'. How I love Star Trek! I haven't used this cup for a long time; I dropped it and the part where the handle is broke. I was so sad. I glued it back on, but now it just holds pens and such. When a hot liquid is placed in the cup, they disappear.
Here's hoping everyone has a good week and, if possible, some good weather. I know winter isn't over for us yet.



  1. I have never been a Star Trek fan, and totally messed up my RIP Facebook tribute. I called him DR. Spock, instead of Mr. Spock, and I spelled Star Trec wrong! My friend, Karen, corrected me. I ended up deleting the post. It was not my brightest moment. Ha! Love your cup! I have a special one, too, that got damaged and is not used anymore.

    The earthquake had to be scary, even if you didn't feel it (thank goodness!). I would stay out from under any big tree limbs from now on. That is scary stuff, too. Have a good week ahead, Brenda!

  2. I'm always making spelling errors too, and lots of times almost every word I type is underlined in red like now.

  3. I must have missed the bit about the earthquake but I've not been on FB very much this week.That must have been a bit scary, glad you're ok. Just wondering about your dumplings, I remember dumplings from childhood. I've been a non meat eater for as long as I remember but as a child I had to eat what I was given. I didn't like meat but the exception was the meat stews and dumplings my mother made. I didn't much like the lumps of meat but I did like the rest of it with dumplings floating around. Those dumplings were made from beef suet. Are yours made from suet or are they non meat ones?? I've never made dumplings because I've always thought of them as suet ( meat) based, but if there's another way of doing it I'll give it a try. :-)

  4. I use a recipe from 'Cooking for Engineers'- a web page. It's for making bread, but the guy who shared it says he uses it in pot pies too. It uses butter. I don't eat a lot of meat either. As a matter of fact I'm making a broccoli casserole for tomorrow.