Sunday, 31 May 2015

School's Out Forever

Actually the kids begin their last few weeks of classes by going to school until about 1 p.m. tomorrow, but Friday was my last 'official' day of giving class. I just have to shout it out! I'm finally RETIRED!!! Yes, that deserves capital letters and extra exclamation marks. So what am I going to do with so much free time?

First of all, I know I should be more like the girl in the photo and just throw all the papers and lesson plans up in the air. I am throwing away papers and have been for a while. However, I feel the need to go through the files that I haven't used up during this course and take out things that could be useful for my friends at the language academy, especially the speaking activities and children's games. This is what I've spent a few hours doing this weekend. I have no idea when I'll finish the 'paperwork' from over 10 years as a freelance teacher.

A bigger project will be to do up my apartment. It needs everything doing to it - floors and all the installations. I want just a shower put in in the bathroom. I don't often take a bath anyway. I told one of my friends that I wanted tile floors throughout and not wooden ones like I have in the bedroom and my 'office'. She said they'd be cold in winter to which I answered that any floor is cold in winter. I think having the same flooring everywhere will make the place look bigger. I'd also like some carpentry work done - just hope I can afford all this. I've been told about some builders who are reliable by the person who has done my tax returns for years. It'll be a question of getting a few estimates and decide on one.

Of course, I have other plans as to how to enjoy some of my free time. I don't think I'll get bored. I've always been able to find something to do. For those of you who are retired, do you ever get bored?

This Saturday, my friends and I are getting together for our monthly lunch and gab session. I must remember to send Chris a message to ask what time we'll be meeting. It's usually about 3 p.m., but last time they met up at 1(13.00). I wasn't feeling well that day and didn't go. Hope Chris makes it at a time that Cathy can come, because I have some resource material I want to give her. I know that Chris, and maybe someone else, will be going to a hosted charity at the Anglican church afterwards, so it's possible she'll want to meet up earlier.

We still have bullfights every day, but this coming week starting tomorrow will be the last week with daily fights. Although it hasn't been so hot as it was a few weeks ago, we've definitely got summer weather but no more tropical nights.

Hope everyone who has attended graduations recently have enjoyed the ceremonies. I have a great-niece who graduated from 5th grade and a great-nephew from preschool, both photos were shared on facebook. Have a good first week of June!




  1. Congratulations on your retirement !!!

    the best thing I still love about retirement is not having to drive so far to work I always had at least a 70 mile round trip commute I don't enjoy driving so never liked that especially in those harsh winters further north-chicago area.

    I am never bored and I hardly ever go anywhere-just once month to town for errrands and food shopping. I don't have friends here to call upon. but then my husband and I always worked so many hours that we never had a large social group. It would be nice to have a few friends especially since I am getting older now-but I have lots of crafts and things to keep me occupied-I am rarely for awhile I did things with a neighbor friend but she was always very mentally abusive to me so I don't need that so haven't done much with her for a couple years now
    Enjoy your new freedoms-and good luck with your apartment decorating-do you own your own apartment? otherwise you would hate to spend too much money on it

  2. In the case of your neighbour, I think you're better off not socializing with her. Yes, the apartment is mine.

    1. thanks Brenda, with the help of Cherei-Mama Bear back on Multip[ly she helped me realize I was being mentally abused-don't need it for sure
      usually here when they say apartment they usually are renting-and was thinking wow allot of money if not yours-you'll have fun fixing it up-

  3. Congratulations, Brenda! I must say that I am jealous! I have a couple more years to go. I know you will keep us posted. My friends who are retired are busier than I am, working full time. You won't be bored!

  4. this is such an exciting time, I remember so well how it was for me, I was literally counting the days, I couldn't wait. Then when It did arrive, like you, I was so full of plans. One thing I will say, I am more busy than I have ever been. I don't have any free time, funny how when every day is your own to do with as you please, the days just fill up. What ever you do, just enjoy it, you deserve it and you've worked for it. So now get out there and enjoy it :-)