Sunday, 26 July 2015

Goodbye July, You Were Hot!

Who doesn't remember as a child thinking Christmas was never coming, or who didn't enjoy those long long summer holidays? Well, the other day I posted on a friend's page on facebook that there were only 50 Saturdays until Christmas. Now it's either 49 or 48. 

Also some schools in Kentucky are starting the first week of August. That is so early! One of my sisters and one of my cousins posted about Ohio's no sales tax offers for school supplies and clothes starting the 7th (I believe) and lasting a few days. What a good idea! Most of my cousins on the Smith side live in Kentucky across the Ohio River, so hope their families can take advantage.

Because July has been so hot (and June before that), I can't say I've got a lot accomplished this past week. Here's my bottled lavender oil (that I've also shared on facebook). I mentioned earlier in the week that I was waiting for the alcohol in it to evaporate. One of my cousins suggested heating it. The recipe said to let it sit for about a week. I don't know about you, but I like to do what the recipe says - at least the first time I make something. Besides, heating it might ruin it somehow.

 I managed to do more de-cluttering, and that's my plan for when I finish here. I will have to agree with my friend Loretta who says there will always be some clutter in her house. There will be in mine too. I found a bottle of Martini that I know came from my other house at the very back of a cupboard. I'll bet it's over 20 years old, but has never been opened. I'll be giving that to my friend Chris.

Chris, Jenny and I went to the Chinese for our last meal with Jenny of the summer. She's off to England until the 5th, and then she and her husband are finally going to the States in September. I say finally, because they always go on these adventure holidays. Well, they are going to visit Yogi, so that will be an adventure I hope. 

Chris was talking about the telling off she got at the doctor's. She said she'd gained half a kilo since the last visit and hadn't been eating a lot because when it's hot most people don't eat as much as they normally would in the winter. Jenny and I both agreed we hadn't lost weight either. Jenny says she's big-boned, which for me isn't the same as overweight and Chris is. I really think Jenny is at most a size 8 (British size 10), because she gave me a lovely jacket a few years ago and I had to give it to one of my younger sisters.

I didn't intend to ramble on so much. Hope everyone is enjoying a restful Sunday and the coming week is good.


  1. the kids are going back to school early here too-and we have a tax break too on school supplies which is really nice. august is usually or hottest month so for here more hot coming. are you coming to visit the states this year? oh and I don't think it would be a good idea to heat the essential oil you made-it would burn off the good stuff-when I make soap they say to add in essential oils at the very end before pouring into molds

    1. July 15th to August 15th is traditionally our hottest period, but we've been hot since May. I didn't think that was a good idea about heating the oil either. Like I said, I try to follow the recipe.

  2. Our schools don't start until August 24th so there is still some vacation time left for teachers and kids here. I would follow the recipe (at least the first time) too. Let us know how it turns out, please!

    1. The lavender oil smells just like the dried lavender flowers I had - lovely.