Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hacks and Books

If only I'd known this before! I don't know if this works, but it's worth a try. It's too late for my laptop as it's on its second battery which doesn't hold a charge for very long now, so the computer is always connected. I do this sometimes with my ipad, but don't know if it works. I do know that if you charge Apple products in airplane mode, they charge quicker.
I forgot the 'before' photo on this plastic container (called 'tupper' here in Spain). Okay, I don't need more plastic containers, but I don't like throwing them out if they can be used again. The 'before' photo would have shown a big sticky label. You know one of those that could be soaked and scraped for a week, and you'd still have globs of glue on it. I removed as much of the paper as possible and then covered the label with my homemade Goo Gone (an oil and baking soda paste), leaving it on overnight. The next morning I wiped off the paste and washed the container. Now there's another problem. The container still smells like what was in it before. Here's the solution:

Place wadded up newspaper inside and leave overnight. Although it did smell better this morning, I think I'll leave it another night. If that fails to get the smell out, I'll try something different. After all this effort, I'm not throwing it away!

What takes zero effort on my part is reading. I've spent a good deal of my life doing that ever since I learned how to. These are two of the books that I've reviewed on goodreads and given 5 stars to.

 Margeret's Ark by Daniel G. Keohane is about a woman named Margaret and many others like her who have dreams in which they are instructed by angels to build arks; each ark is to hold 30 people and no animals, and the instructions as to where and how  the arks are to be constructed are very precise as is the date the arks are to be finished. Yes, Margaret is a religious person, but don't be fooled in thinking it's only about religion or you have to be a believer. Even an atheist has a heart I hope.

All the Dancing Birds by Auburn McCanta is about a woman who finds herself the victim of alzheimer's in her late 50's. Whether it's a sad movie or story, I tend to cry and I did in this book. Alzheimer's is an evil sad disease that always causes pain for both the sufferers and their families Even though you don't know these people personally, you feel for them.

What impressed me about the writings of these two authors is that this is the first novel for both, and, in my humble opinion, the two are well written. The main characters in both novels are widows too. I'll be looking forward to reading more from these two writers.

Speaking of arks, I've seen a funny caption with two cats that says something like: Noah called and he's picking us up. Another one with a skeleton looking out the window that says: Waiting for the rain to stop. We have the same old story here with extremely high temperatures, only I keep my shades pulled down. The other night, a friend who is going through menopause said she could no longer go to places without air conditioning. I must remember to tell her to keep a light jacket with her at all times when they go to the US this September. I freeze in places there, especially restaurants and supermarkets. 

Hope everyone has had a good week despite the weather and the coming week is just as good. Until next time.


  1. I sometimes wonder how people (in Florida) used to survive without AC, but I think the AC has made us not able to cope with the heat. When you are more used to it, it doesn't bother you as much. I am used to the cold, so the heat and humidity make me miserable! Let us know if another night with the newspaper in it, takes the smell away for your container!

    1. I can't stand humidity, and in Madrid in summer we usually have low humidity.

  2. Brenda.... I hate how product labels are so hard to get off. Why??? I think its a conspiracy by producers to get us to throw stuff away and continually buy more. I usually soak my jars with labels, I wash them and then put them through the dishwasher. Anything that's left after that comes off easily with a bit of white spirit. Problem with this is that they then smell of white spirit and have to go back into the dishwasher. Although I have to say..... I mostly keep glass jars for jams and preserves not plastic containers so maybe your way is better for plastic :-)

    1. Homemade GooGone, which is special for taking off the sticky glue left on jars (and plastic too) is nothing more than a paste of oil and baking soda. It really works well and doesn't leave a smell.